2013 in Vietnam - Version 1.0


Washed dishes at Papa Foods. Ventured to Hanoi with Yoga Anna. Hoa Binh Museum Adventure. Thanh Hoa Adventure. Moved to Saigon in February 2013. Was encouraged to move there. Worked at Tan Van & New Star. Moved to Balo Hostel in April. My first apartment in May. Visited Dalat in June. Visited Cambodia in August. Moved to District 12. Moved to Tan Phu. Began teaching in Thu Duc, a high school, the Leaf Pagoda, Fellowship Youth Group (FYG) in District 1, English Rain, etc. Met people. Kathy took my first bike in March 2013. Lost another bike like a month later. Lost my third bike in December. Visited Long An with students in December.