A Florida Woman - More abuse of slave wage earners


And this is why it’s worth a living wage.
We’re not in Kansas anymore folks.
Dealing with the public is getting more and more dangerous.
These people need to earn a living wage just like any other.
You see how the democrats behave towards the less fortunate right?

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Nice wig, dude!

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My first job was at a McD’s, I have empathy for anyone having to work in the fast food level of customer service. It was bad enough before the political polarization having to deal with leftists who have been trained by societal programming and TV like The Simpsons that anyone working there is as a result of poor personal ineptitude or cognitive functioning, and that their abusing entry level workers is ‘part of the job’.
Now that the left is lighting themselves on fire, I can only imagine how hard it is to deal with the left’s unhinged entitlement over their McCancer. I’d be afraid to let children work there now.



@TheIsz my first job was at McD’s too! I think their stat was 30 percent of people get a first job there. I’m gifted in customer service skills and it’s in a smaller town so I didn’t have many crazed consumers… my biggest issue was seeing obese/extremely unhealthy people or families with small children coming in routinely. I don’t think the bottom-of-the-barrel workers should get paid that much until they put in time or improve. Minimum in MN is 9.65 right now – not bad if you ask me. Of course they often pay more in big cities.



@Shayla I think you’re right, in the bigger cities the danger in those places escalates. With the leftists lighting themselves on fire, is a clear indication of how much they value their own lives, and you know they think less of anyone who opposes their hysteria. I wouldn’t want any child of mine working in one of these places around the general public with how they are conditioned by TV itself to devalue entry level workers.

I understand your points though, yes in smaller communities sometimes (depends on location) the threat isn’t so prominent but in cities you never know, really after hours and the bars get out, unhinged leftist society etc etc.

Also yea, bottom of the barrel employees do exist there but if those places but those places could not function if all their employees were, they simply could not function. Someone has to doing the work while the bottom of the barrel employees just show up and put in their time. I agree that these employees may not warrant a living wage, but the full time workers that are doing the work in my eyes do warrant it.

When I worked at fast food in younger years, I worked overnights, with a bar in the same plaza. Even then I would see all types because of this, and that was back when you could typically expect some level of civility with the left.

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@TheIsz Yeah, I wouldn’t want my kid working there either honestly. As a huge Corp. Sure, they take plenty of precautions but nothing’s enough when it comes to the pilled-out, flouride-ridden masses. The ones eating the fast food all the time are even worse from the chemicals in the product.
Thank God I don’t live in the city.



@TheIsz I’m a server now and it’s just peaches and cream. leftists are everywhere but they are pleasant while out for an evening for a nice dinner with friends/family, so long as I’m on my best behavior!



@Shayla Glad you have something better. I still know all too well how abusive society is even in a server environment. I think perhaps maybe they have better procedures and resources in place to deal with unruly patrons, some have bouncers or hire big kitchen staff etc etc. In fast food no one’s going to come help you, unless you’re willing to report a weapon.

I had a violent altercation break out at one location, when I called the police they refused to come unless I was willing to report a weapon present. Well being of the general population is not part of their job description.

I’m sure your natural talents at customer service aid you well. I hope the establishment takes your well being more seriously than fast food employers.



@TheIsz wow I’m surprised they wouldn’t show! In the two years I did there I saw the cops get called once because an empty liquor bottle was found in the bathroom garbage. Pretty mellow stuff. I’m thinking these big fast food places will just switch to self-serve computers for up front. They’ll want to make sure the machines can stand a beating haha!

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You beat me to the “punch” with this post! :rofl:

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@Shayla They already are switching them over to self serve touch screen order taking machines.

Sadly all studies have shown these automated touch screens all had fecal bacteria on them, likely from customers who do not wash their hands or other acts of customer vandalism.

Yea, your experience at fast food does sound rather milktoast (I’m glad too, none deserve to be abused as status quo while trying to earn their income when they make entry level wages) compared to mine.
I used to have to clean up white powder off the bathroom counters every other weekend too. This doesn’t even include the several times I was personally assaulted by patrons.

Working in the city in these places is worth a living wage just from the abuse alone, the food aspect comes free.

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@TheIsz Eew. Those big cities are stinking death traps!!

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@Shayla More true than your astute observation suggests, big cities are democrat havens that are encouraging coffin apartments (but that’s a whole other topic to digest). Smallville is where it’s at, as long as you have a circle/community around you. The one thing I miss is looking up into the night sky, enjoying the serenity and seeing the landscape of the star embedded heavens.

I rarely see stars in the big city.