Aliens Harvesting Stars


Are stars being harvested by aliens?
A. Yes
B. No



Could be I suppose. Think there could be Class 3 Civilizations? Would be wild… probably beyond anything we’ve been able to imagine so far.

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I’d venture to say if an alien race were able to “harvest stars”, they have the technology that makes star harvesting old skool tech.

Humans thinking that aliens would find something here interesting is typical human arrogance. If they have the tech to come to Earth, they have the tech to know what’s going on here and stay away.

Personally, I think aliens have labeled Earth a NO GO zone, and all the “UFO” paranoia is actually human technology.

Now if aliens are here and working with humans in secret? That means they are not to be trusted and aren’t here for our benefit.



Starkiller Base is harvesting the missing stars.



I think they’d be doing exactly what we would be doing. Observing, studying, and experimenting.

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