Anyone still connected to InfoComms platform


Went to login and platform is gone



LOL< yep, POOOF!

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Totally unexpected.

Ha haha



RIGHT! Well, not really.

But I was thinking things were actually looking up. Moderators actually responded.

Then out of nowhere it gets nuked. I guess somebody got mad and decided to take their ball and go home.



The adult way to handle the scrambled eggs atmosphere.
Lol lolol



Sometimes pulling the plug, locking the gates is only resolutions to massive upheaval.

Whoops there it is

Ha haha

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I’ve been asking some of my local contacts and as of yet I haven’t heard anything…

The last time one of the Troll Farm members claimed he took the comms down! I don’t know IF he really did it but that’s what he claimed…

I wouldn’t put it past him either…

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Could be any number of things.

Could be a revenge of the troll.
Could be mechanical malfunction.
Could be an update.
Could be a downsizing.
Could be a reboot.
Could be an abuse of freedom, when you take something for granted one result always ensues. (You never know what you have until it’s gone).

Or even a combination of things there in.



I totally did it.



Owen took it down



When was the first Infowars forum? I found a forum that goes back as far back as, well, at least 2007.

Forum . Prison



You can’t really blame it on Owen. It got out of hand, and was shining a bad light. Not good if you’re wanting to be taken seriously.

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@benoaks Yeah, I don’t really blame any of it on him. Its exactly what you just said… with a group of people relentlessly spamming stupid crap like that, it does reflect badly on the whole community. New members are immediately turned off, wondering “Wtf is going on?” and get pulled into the nonsensical drama.

As whacked out as they were too, whether leftist paid trolls or just crazy “patriots”, it is irrelevant. They were there to end the Infocomms “by any means necessary” and succeeded.

Didn’t matter what Owen did or didn’t do. They were going to do it however they could.

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The intentional trolling effort being made required more IT effort than what the staff was able/willing to do apparently. It’s not like InfoWars doesn’t know who those people are, and even where they live.

Not blaming Owen or the staff, yet I am. It’s not their fault they were being harassed, but they did fail in stopping the trolls. It’s one thing when it’s an unknown person, but more than one of those guys were actually in the studios at least once from what I understand.

It’s a head-scratcher as to how they let all that personal stuff get so out of hand.





Yep, pretty much!

Like I said, they took their ball and went home.

And the sad thing is, those guys still won’t resolve their complaints, even after the dust settles.



That’s the idea I was getting… some sort of former employee vs current employee crap going on. If they went into mod mode for a couple weeks they might have given up…

I dunno though… it was the same BS over and over for months on end there and they never seemed to get bored with it :sweat_smile:



The one thing that gave me pause was that Owen never really made an effort to refute their complaints. Nothing was clearly addressed that I saw. Just a bunch of blabber back and forth. That gave me the impression SOME complaints are valid.

Owen and the staff have had the ability to say the right things, but never did. Instead, it was handled like a school yard argument.





Starting Off

Starting a forum might be similar to starting a country. So, to some extent, America was forming in and around 1776. Some of the nation’s mods included federalists who may have been more pro-centralization. It was similar to the welfare state that was rising especially in the 1930’s during the great depression.


Federal government can help the economy start or restart after recessions, depressions, etc. It is like learning to ride a bike. You put on the training wheels. One of the problems is if you never take off the training wheels as a country.


Like training wheels, in 2018 and 2019, the mods were a bit active. As time went on, the mods started fading away. But perhaps Infocomms crashed that bike to some extent. Perhaps, things should have been done differently.

Different Sub Forums

Perhaps, mods should have banned trolls faster or put them in a timeout sub-forums section that is kept at the bottom of the home page of the Infocomms or in some link in some menu somewhere. Some forum sites have different sections that are prioritized for the premium members for example. Infocomms had a special lounge area for the regular members. So, if they didn’t grant some of the trolls Regular status, then the Lounge would be free of the trolls.

Lounge Forum

Perhaps, most of the Infocomms should have been like the Lounge in being reserved for the best of the best of the members. See, instead of letting everybody post as much as they wanted, they could have limited the user’s ability to post a lot until they prove themselves worthy of Infowars’ trust.

Different Ways to Moderate

You can correct or you can prevent.

Forum Prevention

Instead of deleting spam off the forum (correction), you could, like I said, disable excessive amounts of posting for new users (prevention). Simply make graduating to Regular Member Status harder. If there are too many trolls, too much posting, then raise the requirements. Raise the levels that are required for posting more. In other words, adapt to the people and the unique situations you may run into at times.

Forum Correction

Instead, Infocomms Mods were always trying to correct, not prevent. That can be tough. Now, I don’t want the federal government to prevent, because that turns into 1984 Tyranny. But a forum is not the federal government.


So, of course, if you emphasize on Forum Prevention, then people will say you are censoring. So, we have been having that debate in 2019, that is this current year. But it all comes down to private property rights and a big fish made out of original oatmeal.