AoC - Any dumbfoolery


Okay, so first we had the war on cow flatulence. (animals)
now it’s the war on cauliflower? (vegetable)

Next will be the war on minerals, to have the trifecta complete in the war against animals, vegetables, and minerals to be at war (to perpetually justify and increasingly aggressive power grab) with what makes up everything known in physical existence.

My money is going to be the war on salt. Not because it’s a natural and old known preservative, not because it’s still found iodized, and a little bit of iodine iirc helps mitigate the fluoride… no no…

It’s be the war on salt, because it’s racist (white).



Oh, and we must not forget the countdown timer…

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Tucker cracks me up. Our ancestors were racist for growing cauliflower lmfao! These people are straight up retarded.



Tucker is the perfect counter to this upside down culture in the PC universe. He IS hilarious.