BLG: Golden Globes edition


Apparently Youtube censored this one, so here it is on another platform.



Yeah I watch her channel quite a bit. Pretty lame even she’s being censored now. YouTube is ridiculous with this BS.

The same thing happens with this youtube channel as I get with the Truthstream Media people.

Even with being Subscribed and all notifications on, I still never get or see anything when they upload. At best, their new uploads might show up in my recommended a couple weeks after they put it up.



Child Porn is a Symptom and Not a Root Cause of Child Rape, Sex, Murder. In other words, looking at the images is not directly or specifically or exactly equivalent to trafficking and killing kids. Not all crimes are created equal. Bigger crimes should have a higher priority and penalty over smaller crimes. Long story short, the mere viewing of Child Porn does not create a time machine to go back in time to create the actual porn in the first place. The bigger crime is the source of the video. In other words, the actual making of a bad video is ten times worse than streaming the bad video. Now, yes, distributing bad videos is worse than just viewing the bad videos. So, there are three levels to it, the making of it, the distributing of it, and then the watching of it. Each level is worse than the next and should be treated as such.



I think the legal system does view it differently. If you only viewed it, I’m pretty sure the charges and punishment is different than if you created it. Not too sure about that though.

I’d argue that people viewing it are contributing to the production of it though, but in a very different way than those doing the actual production. What I mean, is that if no one was watching it, nearly nobody would be making it, and all of those kids wouldn’t be abused.

Still though, I agree that it’s not the same crime.

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It seems that people are going after people who watch it while endorsing and promoting the very people who are creating the videos in the first place.

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F’ing crazy is what it is, yeah. You’re definitely right about that. Whether watching the videos or the actual act of pedophilia, that seems to be what happens.

Just look at Disney with all the convicted sexual predators they knowingly keep hiring to work with kids.

The creepy dude down the street gets dealt with most of the time, but those Hollywood executives seem to be highly protected and their acts even promoted.

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