Boy colluded with his mother to become a man. Mommy is a criminal


What I’m saying might be satire but it has a point or a few points. Collusion may not be a crime. Beyond that, there are many crimes on the left that we must continue to shed light on.

Mueller Statement

03:20 PM - Bitchute - Infowars - The Alex Jones Show - Hour One - Ron Gibson - The Mueller Statement - Owen Shroyer - Mueller said in his statement that there are two parts. However, originally, there were only one part. The second part, dealing with obstruction, is hypothetical. He spoke in third person, generally. He distant himself. He uses language that does not make objective statements. Instead, he uses words like allegedly and so on and so forth. Legally speaking, he made very general statements that don’t mean much. He talked about Russia but did not talk about China. He didn’t talk about Hillary Clinton or Obama. He did not talk about the Uranium Russia deal that Obama and Hillary were part of. There were many crimes done by the left. Many crimes are ongoing. There are so many things he did not say. 50 million dollars down the drain.



@joeyarnoldvn Mueller is so unbelievably snakey!!! Trying to deceive his followers into believing he’s being forced into not taking questions and forced to resign. Ha! I think he’s resigning because he doesn’t want to face questioning… He’d like to drag this leftist fantasy out another two years.



My local news on this had them saying a twisted version, claiming he said that he couldn’t say Trump wasn’t guilty of obstruction, when Mueller said that if Trump were not guilty of a crime they would have said so.

So we have news reports lying, and Mueller throwing Trump under the bus by saying basically that Trump may be guilty of committing a crime we just couldn’t prosecute him, tossing it to Congress as the one to pursue charges.

Surely Trump doesn’t think this is over because it isn’t. His enemies will be coming after him with both barrels now that Mueller inferred Trump may have committed a crime.

I’m afraid this is going to get ugly.