California Dual Shock: Gas Price Spike AND No Solar


The article says high gas prices and those with grid-tied solar systems who had electric service cut now have no solar power.

But I think the bigger part of the story is no solar power due to PG&E cutting power to residents.

Now all those solar customers that bought into the utility-backed grid-tied solar systems are finding out how they got screwed by the power utility. I’m betting most of them had no idea how their systems actually work.

I bet most of them just assumed the power those panels collected goes to their homes, but it doesn’t. Those utility-approved systems take the power collected and sends it straight to the grid, NOT the home.

Then the homeowner must receive power from the utility the normal way and be charged for that service under normal rates as any other customer, with a credit to their account for any solar collected.

SUPRISE! The herd had no idea there was a cliff there!