Christmas has been warped


Not sure if anyone else follows the Black Pilled youtuber, but I came across this lastnight. I don’t normally bother with the “Jewish conspiracy” stuff, and he doesn’t much either, but what he’s talking about here is kind of hard to ignore.

I’ve never heard of such a thing before, and didn’t know this was the case. That our Christian holiday, celebrating the birth of Jesus, has been completely morphed into something else, by a religious/racial group who doesn’t celebrate our holiday.

To think, just about every single famous Christmas song you can think of, was written by a Jewish person.

So F’ing weird lol… it stopped being about the birth of Jesus a long time ago, and became all about Santa/consumerism.

It would be like Muslims all going around during Ramadan, listening almost solely to music produced for the Holiday by non-Muslims, who don’t practice or really even support Islam. Then consider that music was written in such a way, to distract from what Ramadan is even about.

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@Vitt but do those songs distract us from Christmas?



I’d imagine so. It’s been such a complete shift, that most don’t even see it for what it is.

Christmas is about the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Not Santa, not Rudolph, not about lists so you can get presents, not about the weather, or Mom cheating on Dad with Santa.

It’s about the birth of the Christian Lord and Saviour, which none of these songs have anything to do with. Hell, Christians can barely even celebrate this morphed version of Christmas now in a lot of areas, much less the way it should be done.

Check out his video. Pretty interesting really.



Real Christmas values have nothing to do with consumerism, that’s been induced into society to begin the corruption of young minds.
Modern society has made it more about counting your materials over your blessings.
And so the corruption of modern society starts in the minds of youth, and any that may say otherwise is denounced and attacked with ‘think of the children…!’
Modern society has been trained to devalue itself from childhood.

EDIT: Watching the video, sounds like Devon Stack is just learning now the difference between Christmas Carols, and Christmas Songs.

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The real irony, is that the Christmas holiday shouldn’t even exist, even if the Jesus story were true.

Does anybody really think the character Jesus would approve of such a celebration? Not from what the “Christian” part of the bible says. There is not a single indication in the New Testament that the birth of Jesus was meant to be an official holiday to be celebrated every year.

Sure, like teaching children to expect stuff they don’t have is real Christian. In both the Jewish and Christian traditions, that’s called coveting. I guess that’s the pagan part of the truth.

You think Jews writing Christmas songs is weird? How about a whole new religion created using the Jewish religion as its foundation, as well as using their main religious book, the Hebrew “bible”, to show the Jews as being wrong about their own religion.

One might feel the need to point the finger at Jews, but the real culprit resided in Rome. It stinks of a creation by the Romans to counter the pesky Jews, as well as entice the pagans to join the Roman party.

And for good measure, why not create yet another one just to mix things up, a black sheep version of the Jewish religion? I don’t believe a blind, illiterate pedophile living in a cave in Arabia started any religion.

Again, the finger points to Rome.

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I’m just going off of the traditional meaning of Christmas in American Christian culture.

Yeah, I know the real meaning of Christmas isn’t actually about the birth of Jesus, but that subject will be debated until the end of time, without end, and without a solid answer.

From what I’ve come across, its all astronomical/astrological and based off of the changing of the seasons from death back to life. Can be debated though for sure.



Yeah, I think the Jews were scapegoated by the Roman Empire. There was a big messiah complex in that region of the world at that time in history, and the Roman Empire crucified them left and right, “Jesus Christ” being no exception. According to history, no Jews were needed to be around to push to have him crucified. The Roman Empire would have done it all on their own.

Then you look at the Roman Empire, how Emperor Constantine worked to buy off religious leaders and consolidate everything into what eventually became the Vatican/Church.

Its been said a million times and holds quite a bit of truth… “All roads lead to Rome”.

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