CNN settles


Proving they admit they were wrong, and they lied to and misled the public intentionally.

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Maybe Canadians don’t understand U.S. laws but, a settlement does not prove guilt.
It doesn’t look good for CNN, but it doesn’t “prove” them guilty of the charges.

Just like paying a woman $140,000 dollars doesn’t mean you slept with a porn star, but it doesn’t look good.



Yes, I realize you have a legal system not a justice system. And this is bigger than U.S. vs Canadians despite your enjoyment at bringing up the differences to suit your vanity at every opportunity.
This is CNN, they have a wealth of $$ at their disposal, if they had anything to stand on you can bet they would have spent the $$ to beat it. But despite their vast resources, they still surrendered.

How’s that for understanding?
Maybe you should try it sometime yourself.

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Dunno if I’d compare what went on here with CNN to whatever happened between that druggie whore and Trump lol.

That wasn’t even a settlement. It was just a “Here’s some money, shut the fuck up.” Whatever really went on with all of that, its clear that he and Melania worked it out a long time ago, and those are the only 2 people that are really relevant to that situation.

Need to see what they settled with him for to really get a better idea. Its like when you read some of the suits Infowars has settled… and then you see what they paid out, its a joke. They paid the people almost nothing, which tells me that those people knew it wasn’t going anywhere, it was just costing them money, so they took what they could get and ran.

If CNN paid him $50k or some crap, then yeah, I would view CNN as the winner of the case.

Need more info!



Rob Roy loves CNN.

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I love hearing Darth Vader say, “This is CNN.”

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Like @Vitt said, the settlement could be a hedge bet on their own guilt or a just a monetary way of making the opposition go away without admitting any wrong-doing. Infowars has done the same in other lawsuits. My comment (which I believe has less to do with my “vanity” than with logic or grammar) was meant to address your hyperbolic assessment and the words: proving, admit, lied & intentionally. However, I do agree with the words: wrong & misled.

I referenced Stormy because, to me, a payoff is still a payoff.

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Because CNN are angels.



Maybe they’re all force ghosts if we hear the voice of Vader?

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This morning, Trump said something about inviting NATO to be more involved. I’m not sure what that means.



Not sure what he would mean by that either really. Looking good so far with the Iran situation… they put on a show for their people and are talking about drawing down now… Trump talking about de-escalation…

Hopefully it continues to play out that way.

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@Vitt if more NATO involvement means USA would have less involvement, that could be better than what we have right now perhaps. If not, then we need to march on DC.

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People need to march to the White House like they did in the 1970’s to cry out that we want to stop wars. We need to reawaken the hippies to talk about love and peace again. Bring back the seventies. Anarchy is dangerous but the promotion of anarchy can sometimes attempt to balance the world in a pursuit to put pressure on the ever expanding roles of governments globally. We don’t live in hypothetical vacuums of absolute anarchy, free markets, socialism, a Utopia of theoretical fantasy, etc. We are always approaching different levels of tyrannies, authoritarianism, monopolies, cartels, plutocracy, etc. We will never have global socialism apart from God perhaps. We will also never have and have never had international free markets apart from cronyism, etc, or even absolute anarchy apart from local communities, families, tribes, networks, etc, in little pockets here and there which is actually not anarchy by specific definition. When I say anarchy, I generally mean whatever that can minimize federal government, globalism, tyranny, etc. By the way, what Alex Jones is saying on his show about the value of privacy is crucial for people to understand.

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Like I implied, CNN is a bottomless money pit, proving that it doesn’t matter how much people don’t want to hear their garbage, they’ll hemorrhage money and force it down folks throats because it’s not a news business, that’s the cover. it’s on a mission, as it’s a weapon. same reason why Hollyweird spits out their garbage no one wants to see despite losing millions… same reason NFL does it.

They’re on a mission, and if they could have beaten it regardless how much it cost (even 275 million) they would have. Thing is they couldn’t.
What ifs of speculation and apple to orange comparisons don’t hold as much credibility as what is I’m afraid.
Truth proves itself by many metrics, and the spoon fed morsels the general public seems to insist as status quo isn’t. More often it’s realized (by these other metrics) than proven by the modern day programming of courts.
It is proven, I guess some are incapable of seeing past face value, and are blissfully content with making comparisons of apples to oranges (like your comparison).
Try to look past face value sometime, if often does wonders for understanding.





Make one of Soros saying to CNN, “I am your father.”






Dew it. Excellent.



CNN is part of the invasion of socialism in America. They are not loyal to America.

Is it any wonder seeing CNN was started by Ted Turner, a globalist. And who was Turner married to? Jane Fonda, an anti-American traitor, who was married to Tom Hayden, a California socialist…I mean “progressive”.

CNN is now owned by AT&T’s WarnerMedia. Do THAT math!

AT&T owns WarnerMedia, and WarnerMedia owns CNN.

Alphabet owns Google. (Actually, Google was split up and Alphabet was created and Google became a subsidiary of Alphabet, with Sundar Pichai, a dual Indian/American citizen, becoming CEO of all of it)

Are we seeing a pattern yet?

People complain about CNN and Google, but no one ever complains about AT&T or Alphabet.

But, what about Facebook? Same difference. Facebook was started by front-man Mark Zuckerberg, who is owned by the CIA.

Twitter? That is an interesting tale all it’s own. Look up “Charles River Ventures”. Twitter is also based in California.

Still not seeing a pattern?

Socialists have evolved their agenda into using corporate capitalism against capitalistic America, through the boardrooms of corporations with the objective to change how Americans think and act.

It’s the new technological version of dropping paper flyers from an airplane over poor villages of a population with the goal to change people’s minds via written propaganda.

America wanting the next great thing never saw it coming.