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02:12 PM - White House Gov | Steemit | Free Square

Click here to contact the White House. Legally, they’re required not to delete your messages. President Trump reads them. So, you go to their website - - After that, click on the menu button the top-left corner of the home page of that website. After that, click on the second to the last link that you see that says Contact. Better yet, you can click here to go directly to that contact page. In other words, go to their contact page - - Fill out the form and click on send.

My Message to Trump

02:35 PM - White House Gov

Trump needs to pardon Roger Stone before it’s too late. What matters is doing the right thing.

It’s not about looking good to the majority of the people. Some people may not get it.

Globalists will not stop doing what they do. If you don’t always try your best to stop them, they will murder Trump and others. Facebook and others are violating laws because you can’t be a platform and a publisher at the same time. Geoengineering is polluting and destroying farms, crops. CPS is splitting up families. Big Pharma and Monsanto is messing things up in a variety of ways.

Trump should free Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Tommy Robinson, Alex Jones, etc.

Dear President Trump,

Trump, if you’re reading this, you need to know that time is running out. Too many people are lying to you. Too many people withhold information from you. Kentucky was stolen just like 2018 was stolen. They will use voter fraud a thousands times more in 2020 as they try even harder to stop you, Trump, from reelection, that is if they are not able to illegally impeach and remove you. You need to try to do more. Don’t just talk about the problems. You are being too nice. Way too nice to evil people. They’re trying to take over the world. Well, it’s a long story.

There are different groups of globalists, etc. They’re not all on the same page with each other. They pretend to work with each other. Different groups of control freaks may do things differently than other groups. They sometimes stab each other in the back. But like you say, Donald Trump, they work together. They’re seeking after power and many things. There is the Agenda 2030. There are depopulation programs out there that they are running in a variety of ways.

I’m telling people to contact you. We the people have the obligation to let government know what we want them to do as they serve us. That is why I keep a blog at where I talk about some of these issues and others. I link to videos, articles, etc…