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Alex thinks Trump will be assassinated tonight… I hope he is wrong

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Owen going bananas right now about it with a caller!



Maybe they’ll keep going. I missed it… damn Bluetooth died haha.



They need to do some research and learn what the fuckin Council on Foreign Relations is.

Tulsi Gabbard is 100% CFR. She’s in with Hillary. All of this is likely theatrics they’re playing on because they saw it work for Trump.

She’s a radical leftist, who only has 1 decent policy, which is her foreign policy. Everything else is about as far left as anyone else up there. They just said she’s "middle of the road’. :sweat_smile:

No. She’s far from “middle of the road”. Confiscating firearms is quite far from “middle of the road”. Supporting open borders and welfare for illegals is FAR from “middle of the road”.

However, if you know what the CFR is, you know her foreign policy rhetoric is a bunch of what we want to hear, and not what she will actually do.



She would flip flop her foreign policy :100: if she was elected as well imo.



Is that Texas_T getting arrested with a firearm and Infowars stuff again? Same guy from El Paso?

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Surprise, Surprise...Texas T Arrested at Trump Rally
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InfoCOMMS was shut down because it was too much work for the mods…

…too much work checking Owen’s Facebook status.



I knew it. Savannah. Take off the Scooby Doo Mask to verify that.



Hell, I probably wouldn’t be surprised if Alex was the one who called for it to be shut down. He’s the one that made the call the first time. The shitshow going on with former employees harassing current employees would’ve been enough for me to do it.



Alex has been through that stuff more than once before. He knows how it goes. How InfoWars handles such things to me tells the tale.

I’m thinking the mistake that stands out is the platform; Discourse. It seems set up to let trolls play, and there is only so much staff can do to prevent it. Punks taking advantage of a technicality, which is people demanding the right to use a VPN.

They demand such a thing, but I question why they need it outside of countries like China and North Korea, Iran, etc.

If they aren’t in those countries, then why use a VPN? Personal security?

How convenient.

I don’t use them, never have and know virtually nothing about them as I’ve considered them like they use to be which was a hacker tool, a tool used by those looking to wreak havoc online. Now people think they have a right to use such things. Not when your acting up and causing problems.

So isn’t there a way to check if an IP is coming from a VPN? If an account keeps changing their IP, isn’t that a red flag?

For those honest IT types, what’s the deal? Why can’t these trolls be stopped? It must be with the features of the platform, then added to that a staff that “doesn’t have the time” to play games with problem accounts.

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I use a VPN just for privacy and because I want to give these companies as little of my information as humanly possible to sell out. I don’t like Microsoft and all these others tracking everything I do and selling the information… if they’re going to do that, I think I should get a piece of the profits. I do the same with a VPN on my phone. Its my way of telling them to fuck off :grin:

There is a way to tell if someone is using a VPN though, yes, and there are ways to block people using VPNs. Downside is not everyone using them is using them to cause problems.



So then it’s the staff not staying on top of it? I don’t get why those guys kept making new accounts and everybody knew who they are.

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I have to use a VPN to get onto infowars and the comms as my isp have blocked both… I have no other choice really

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I have to VPN all the time at work to send sensitive data or working remotely. I use it personally for privacy.

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I can understand work uses, but for personal use? Whatever. Do what ya gotta do I guess.

Seems to me that part of the problem is with Discourse, and then the staff not taking full advantage of what they CAN do with it.

It’s like they want a forum that is self-sufficient and will manage itself. LOL, don’t we all.

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If my isp blocked infowars and infocomms how do you get around it without a VPN service?
I’m all ears. My Isp is Cox, and they live up to thier name for sure😜

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That is part of the problem, ISP’s blocking sites like that. I understand wanting to access a site that the ISP says you can’t. I don’t know details but that situation needs fixing.

This situation is talking about trolls using a VPN to continue trolling a given website.

Should a person have access to a website?

Who has the right to decide who has access?

If a visitor to a website is disrupting the normal activity of a website, like spamming a forum with personal attacks on an individual, does the forum owner have the right to put a stop to the actions of the person causing problems?

And who gets to define what is deemed, “causing problems”?

Who decides what is “socially/universally acceptable”?




Naomi Brockwell

11:19 AM - Online Privacy under attack: Can VPNs save us?



VPN Related Protocols

SSH - Secure Shell
IPSEC - Internet Protocol Security
SSL - Secure Socket Layer Encryption
PPTP - Point to Point Protocol