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I have to VPN all the time at work to send sensitive data or working remotely. I use it personally for privacy.

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I can understand work uses, but for personal use? Whatever. Do what ya gotta do I guess.

Seems to me that part of the problem is with Discourse, and then the staff not taking full advantage of what they CAN do with it.

It’s like they want a forum that is self-sufficient and will manage itself. LOL, don’t we all.

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If my isp blocked infowars and infocomms how do you get around it without a VPN service?
I’m all ears. My Isp is Cox, and they live up to thier name for sure😜

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That is part of the problem, ISP’s blocking sites like that. I understand wanting to access a site that the ISP says you can’t. I don’t know details but that situation needs fixing.

This situation is talking about trolls using a VPN to continue trolling a given website.

Should a person have access to a website?

Who has the right to decide who has access?

If a visitor to a website is disrupting the normal activity of a website, like spamming a forum with personal attacks on an individual, does the forum owner have the right to put a stop to the actions of the person causing problems?

And who gets to define what is deemed, “causing problems”?

Who decides what is “socially/universally acceptable”?




Naomi Brockwell

11:19 AM - Online Privacy under attack: Can VPNs save us?



VPN Related Protocols

SSH - Secure Shell
IPSEC - Internet Protocol Security
SSL - Secure Socket Layer Encryption
PPTP - Point to Point Protocol




Yep, that’s the one I use too. Reality is, anything on the internet can’t be made 100% secure. We can do things like use VPN to help with privacy, but that isn’t an end all be all solution obviously.

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It appears that proxies, VPNs, etc, can be dangerous for at least two main reasons.

  1. When you use proxies, VPNs, you may be entrusting them to not spy on you, sell your Internet traffic, the metadata, etc, like DNSes, ISPs, ghetto social networks, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, China, EU, NSA, etc, may do. So, your traffic may go through them. So, they could become like an Internet Kill Switch. That could be a problem with centralization. It is like a water dam. It can be dangerous.
  2. It could single you out. It is like a red flag. So, governments, etc, may spot you like as if you were wearing the ring in Lord of the Rings (LOTR).


However, the consequences for not using proxies, VPNs, encryption, blockchain, P2P, Bit Torrent, cryptocurrencies, etc, long-term speaking, could be even worse than the risks you run into using them in the first place.



I don’t have much time to look into it right now, but from what I understand about VPNs, the only thing the people that hacked it would be able to see is encrypted traffic coming and going. Would they know who the traffic belonged to, assuming the traffic is encrypted on its way to the server, as it is supposed to be?

Also, yeah what you just said there @joeyarnoldvn has been the main problem I had thought of too.

The VPN services claim not to do such a thing, but yeah… we know how that kind of stuff works.

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If there were no way to hide online, nobody could hide online. Then only the guilty would be exposed.



Which Things

@Vitt, did you say “The VPN services claim not to do such a thing?” I want ask you, which things? I’m asking because I’m curious about how they may try to market their services and products.


In the quote above, I mentioned spying. So, you might be talking about that. Yes, for example I have seen Duck Duck Go say they don’t spy or sell your metadata or something like that, I think. So, that reminds me of food that may say on the label that it is organic. So, it depends on the food. It depends on who made the food. It depends on which farms they got the foods from. It also depends on the VPN. Perhaps, some VPNs are fake or deceptive. Perhaps, some are better.

Real vs Fake

Knowing the difference between a bad VPN and a good VPN, or a good VPN and a better VPN, might be similar to knowing the difference between CNN and Infowars for example.


@Vitt, or were you talking about the funneling system, I mean how Internet traffic may flow through central locations at times, like through ISP, DNS, VPN, government servers, some Internet highway company systems (perhaps), etc? Of course, we know how the Internet works to some extent. But I wonder if a VPN would dare claim that they had no centralization. But I’m not saying that it is impossible for VPN to be partly or completely decentralized.


@Vitt, or were you talking about how a VPN might claim that they don’t sell metadata to third parties?


You were probably referring to all of these possibilities. Is there anything else that I missed? If a VPN is making false claims, I would like to see it. I would consider such claims to be like fake news. But not political fake news but technological fake news.



Yeah that’s what I was getting at for the most part, is that they claim not to do anything like that. Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve seen a company claim such a thing for it only to be a lie though, that’s for sure.

According to NordVPN, in their basic sales explanation, when you go to a website, the app on the computer encrypts the data that goes to their server, where their server then encrypts it again to reach the site, and then the same encryption of the data in return back to you.

So if someone hacked their servers, I’m not too sure what all they’d really get from it. A bunch of encrypted traffic I guess? Hell, I dunno.

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Yeah, I don’t know people that get into that weird shit Katie and her guy are into either. I smoke bud, but I’ve never once thought to take a picture of myself doing it, much less F’ing naked. These are moronic degenerate people.

However, I wouldn’t say its only Democrats doing this kind of crap. I seem to remember most of the politicians involved with the Conspiracy of Silence and the Boys Town shit, being Republicans.

Then look at Bohemian Grove… most of the people there are Republicans too and we know the whacked out degenerate shit they do there.

Dems definitely take the cake though, that’s for sure haha.



The David Knight show now @ about 9:23am.

I’ve heard this man on the show a number of times now, but I always miss what his name is. Really great and knowledgeable guest, just wish I could catch who it is.

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Michael Savage on fire right now. Couldn’t be more right about what’s going on here.

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It seems some of the Infowars people still check this from time to time.

I’ve heard Alex talking about Steve Pieczenik today, and I realized how long its been since I have heard him on the show. He was always such a great guest with tons of perspective/intel. Would be cool if he could get on the show again.

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Heard Alex talking about him too; he said Steve has been invited back but refuses to come on the show.



Ah I missed that part… very interesting. I do remember them having some pretty heated back and forth the last times he was on.

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For today’s show intro:

Actual criminals are not being held accountable anymore.
It’s not the actual criminal, it’s the tool they used, or the hate speech they heard, or that mythological selective race supremacy they perceived.

This is one sided.

If a white Christian man farts into the wind, that’ll be a criminal offense soon at this rate.

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