Soooooooo, excited that Alex is going back to the well on this report from 9/11/2017!

My most favorite Infowars report although, I thought the original report was by Kit Daniels.
Amazing how Melania, Ivanka, and Don Jr. haven’t said one word about this in two years.

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Yeah, Alex talked about that on air today too.



They say Trump went to a hospital on Saturday. Probably because globalists poisoned his food. In history, globalists and others would try to assassinate world leaders, kings, etc. That is why kings would have taste testers. They have been trying to murder Trump since at least 2015 since he started running, that is at this level. Before that, not as many people were trying to kill Trump.



I LOVE hearing the logical gymnastics Alex has to do to keep this story going.



@Rob_Roy, Trump didn’t go to the hospital?



He did.
Is anyone besides IW (and an anonymous source) reporting that his taster went to the hospital too?



Kinda like how wrong Infowars was when they exposed information from unnamed sources considering Hillary’s health.

Oh wait… :wink:

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Her Parkinson’s must have cleared up…funny how debilitating diseases do that.

Just like the last caller who said the Hebrew word for devil is barack. Alex asked, “What is the Hebrew word so I can look it up.” To which the caller immediately said, “Oops, gotta go,” and hung up.



I don’t know about Parkinsons but something was/is up with her. Personally, I kind of think it might have been a mixture of exhaustion and the drugs they were giving her to keep her going for the campaign cycle (possibly her own recreational drug use as well lol). Because you’re right, not long after the campaign and her loss, we stopped seeing her have major health problems (in public at least). Been a while now since I’ve seen a video of her acting off.

Then again, maybe people just don’t care much about it after she lost, so that’s why there has been a lack of coverage on it.

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Yeah that was pretty funny. I love linguistics like that, but a lot of people get it wrong as Hell, like that dude.

Barak in Hebrew has to do with lightning if I remember right. I guess somebody could screw with that interpretation enough to make it refer to Lucifer/The Lightbringer… goofy for sure.

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According to a conspiracy web site, an unnamed Secret Service whistleblower revealed that Clinton has Parkinson’s. Note well, however, Noel is here citing a secondhand report from a single, unnamed source published on the Alex Jones web site

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Funny how they act like it was crazy to be asking such a question lol.

There is this however:

In [this video], a medical doctor with 36 years of experience named Ted Noel puts the pieces together and explains how he reached his conclusion that Hillary Clinton is suffering with Parkinson’s Disease. I think that you will find that his reasoning is quite compelling…

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I’m already a few steps ahead of you…that is the Noel referred to in my comment. Other reasons cited for debunking Noel’s claim.

  1. Dr. Ted Noel is a board-certified physician with 36 years of experience — as an anesthesiologist.
  2. Dr. Noel has never conducted a medical examination of the patient (Hillary Clinton) he purports to diagnose.
  3. Dr. Noel’s assessment of Clinton is neither objective nor impartial a quick look at his YouTube videos shows his strong right-leaning views that are anything but non-partial.

Ironically, in 2016 PJW was demanding a mental health test for both Trump and Clinton, that viewpoint has since changed…at least regarding Trump.



Oh you’re definitely right on that. The main thing I noticed about him too was your first point there “as an anesthesiologist” lol.

So… he’s not even a physician or anything… sure gives a lot of credibility (/sarc).

Either way though, Hillary definitely let an awful lot hang out. To me what was crazy, were people who were pretending her health was fine, and weren’t questioning it at all. Yeah, she falls down, she goes into massive coughing fits, and she tweaks out really hard every now and then, but she’s fine, move along, move along. :joy:

For all we know though, it was part of her act, and they thought it would help her with “underdog” status. Was a really stupid move if that was the case though, that’s for sure.

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Yeah same idea there. People who have never evaluated Trump, trying to do so from afar.

Wasn’t part of Trump’s presidential physical a mental evaluation? If I remember right it was, and he came out strong.

Problem is, I don’t see where Trump is mentally or emotionally unstable. Seems pretty F’ing normal to me, yet they push it anyway. Honestly, with as much insane BS as he puts up with every day, I’m surprised he doesn’t unload a lot more than he does. Most people wouldn’t have the mental fortitude to deal with what he has been.

Then we have Hillary tripping out all over the place, and they tell us to go to sleep.



According to multiple sources…

The given name Barak , also spelled Baraq , from the root B-R-Q , is a Hebrew name meaning “lightning”. It appears in the Hebrew Bible as the name of [Barak (ברק Bārāq ), an Israelite general. It is also an Arabic name from the root B-R-K with the meaning of “blessed” though it is mostly in its feminine form Baraka .

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Don’t understand how anyone Democrat or not can adhere to the delusion of virtue, with actions like these or even advocating actions like these.

You can’t claim the highroad, while championing the low road.
Still tired of the slagging of anyone… man, woman, child, Christian, patriot, Republican, Trump or anyone…
While they not just cheer for it, but hard evidence comes to light and they are silent.

A hostile known enemy is less a threat than the snake in the grass within.

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I guess Alex is sick.
I guess Alex’s unnamed source is sick.
I guess @joeyarnoldvn is sick for believing in Alex and echoing his comments all over the internet.

Any word on the unnamed taster taken to the hospital too?

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No word yet. Tend to think White House is covering something up, because it really didn’t seem like a routine/normal trip.

Infowars’ sources have a pretty damn good track record, but they’ve been wrong here and there before. That’s about all you can go off of with it for now.

Time will tell, and may tell us nothing. If there’s an investigation going on into it, I doubt they are going to say anything official about it till they find something, if they find anything.

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Any public speeches since then?
It today’s volatile political landscape, how would it look on the global stage to say something like this even if true? The only way this works in your favor is if it’s so true you have nothing left to lose I’d say (it was a close call) by voicing it.
I don’t have any knowledge or sources, but I’d say if it was a potential threat (not a hard stretch to make this assumption considering all the other slings and arrows, and we know what they’re capable of) serious jeopardy to said tester, and if it wasn’t a close call to the office… Saving face on the global stage as well as at home would be the card to play here.

As with any real potential threat, the worst thing to do would be to provide the enemy with actual intelligence to glean from.

My guess would be there’s a grain of truth to what Alex’s sources provide, but the real truth won’t be brought to light until it’s no longer of use to the enemy.

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