Don't want to speak to soon but


Did IW get a youtube channel back?



Mabey… They let Owen back on Livestream




Seriously though, if true it can’t be a bad thing, can it?



But the question would be who is managing this YouTube channel that just so happens to have that name?

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That’s what I was thinking as well… Is it an official one or listener made

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At this point, the only difference would be that an official channel would have the ability to upload to YouTube first or simultaneously alongside Banned Dot Video, Bitchute, Minds, Brighteon, Dtube, Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, etc, assuming they were or could ever be officially on all of those places, etc, at the same time. Otherwise, fan accounts have to wait for the videos to go up on Infowars, etc, or stream them live with a bit of a potential five second delay or something like that.

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Trump Dynasty to 2056?

05:34 PM - YouTube | Dissenter

The Trump dynasty to 2056 could happen as long as patriots vote and do what they can to make that happen, assuming that is what Americans want. Is Pence less liberal than Ivanka? Who is our best bet for 2024, if not Ivanka or Don Jr?

2024 Miracle

05:40 PM - Dissenter

They are trying to murder trump right now, so it will be a miracle if we can even get to 2024 in the first place. We gotta prepare for 2024 and do what we can to keep Trump from being assassinated too.

Alex Jones 2024.

Thug Goosh

05:41 PM - THE MANCAVE “TRUMP IS MY PRESIDENT! Hitlary for prison!”

Trump Dynasty Theory

2016 - Donald Trump Sr.
2020 - Donald Trump Sr.
2024 - Ivanka Trump
2028 - Ivanka Trump
2032 - Don Jr
2036 - Don Jr
2040 - Eric Trump
2044 - Eric Trump
2048 - Barron Trump (born in 2006)
2052 - Barron Trump



Arise News

06:17 PM - Arise News Live Stream
I was watching parliment argue about Brexit. The Trump Mirror was arguing for Brexit. Others were screaming about global warming and a Muslims tood up and cried about how bad and evil borders are and how they were lied to about that. He said something about how there would be no borders and how they mere mislead. Then, that brown guy demanded for an apology. Nope. Not gonna get one, loser.



Here is a link to the videos that the channel liked. I feel it’s a fan channel.