Ed Buck and Adam Schiff


Some reading to go through… looking like Schiff has receiving a LOT more from Ed Buck than just some campaign donations. No wonder he wants Trump impeached immediately. His ass is grass.

Some of this is coming from Larry Nichols too.



Joe who? No, I’m not a drug addict. I’ve never been to Hollywood. My bug eyes are normal.

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In the first episode of Star Wars: The Mandalorian, the Bobba Fett like character came into a bar to beat up some guys and take in a wanted blue alien. Then it came to hailing a taxi cab. The new taxi was like a smart car, that is operated by a R2D2 style robot droid. He decided to go with an older kind of vehicle that was driven by actual humanoid like man. They go to his spaceship. A big ice creature tries to eat them. They get away. The blue teletubby goes to the toilet. He looks at the guns. He talks about trying to get home for Life Day, which is Star Wars Christmas. He has flashbacks of his childhood. He gets metal that is like money or gold. He gives it up to charity. He fights these fat potato dinosaurs. He meets with an alien version of that old bald guy from The Princess Bride or Don Wrinkle Rinkles. He tries to ride a dinosaur thing. Oh, it’s female cuz the males are eaten when they are making babies like praying mantis insects. They ride. Great music as they ride dino horses. Don Rinkle man talks like Yoda in some ways. This show is like Firefly. Love the music. It is like a country western film.



A few notes:
• The speeder driver was comedian Brian Posehn of The Sarah Siverman Show and Big Bang Theory.
• The blue alien was comedian Horatio Sanz from SNL.
• The metal is called Beskar.
• The Mandolorian did not simply give away the Beskar to charity. He had a shoulder plate forged for himself and the excess metal would “sponsor many families.”
• The comedian is Don Rickles, not Rinkles. The alien is an Ugnaught and is voiced by Nick Nolte.
• Blurgs are the “dinosaur things” that they rode.
• The music was composed by Ludwig Göransson, the Oscar- and Grammy-winning composer of “Black Panther." I really liked it too.
• “Country western” is a broad description of an American music genre whereas, the film genre is known as just “western.”

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