Election day in Canada tomorrow


Though I’m still quite convinced the elections are just as rigged as has been proven in other countries, and expect either a controlled liberal party or maybe a controlled conservative party.
Because there’s no proof yet, they aren’t.
The only people in politics I’ve seen worth voting for in this neck of the woods is the PPC.
I fear there is not yet enough pressure upon the corrupted officials up here, ergo there’s nothing stopping them from continuing to be on the take.



Voting is like playing basketball. So, you lose a game. So, should you never play ever again?

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Corruption has become so widespread in American government that it is just a daily part of government life now. Its “normal”. I could easily see the Canadian government being just as bad, yeah.

I do think elections have a lot of fraud and attempts to control them, but at the same time, I can’t believe they would be totally and completely rigged. It doesn’t make sense for the elites to spend so many billions of dollars on the elections if they were already rigged and the outcome was set. It may be an uphill battle because of the immense fraud, but voting still matters, I think.

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So another 4 years with the liberal party means likely that by its end real Canadians will become outnumbered in their own homes with the gates held wide open for any and all who hate the West, while denying entry for any looking for it’s values and freedoms.
This will give way to an Isl… invading party to start taking control.
This is how freedom dies.

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Or in another 4 years you get to vote for the lesser of two evils again. Depending on your definition of “real Canadians” and “invading party” the percentages probably won’t have changed much BUT, you can still use those to define which lesser evil you want to vote for AND what “The True North, strong and free!” means to you.

In the meantime, it may be comforting to know there is another version of you that got the candidate they wanted (this time around).



Real Canadians isn’t a hard concept.
Ones that adhere to the pre-existing traditional values.
It’s pretty obvious, and many of the mannerisms are spoofed in commercials and comedy skits. They never really get it right on the nose, but the idea is there.
Just because a mouse is born in a stable, doesn’t make it a horse.

Invading party isn’t a hard concept either, every western country has their own now.

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Didn’t say they are hard concepts, but you’d be surprised how subjective their definitions can be.
Just imagine, in another dimension, every eastern country are being invaded now.



Crazy people, and criminals have their ‘definitions’ too.
But only ‘they’ have their’s protected above the truth.