So the reason I have to go with Epstein being dead, is because that is the only conclusion you can come to based on the evidence at hand.

Everyone saying he’s still alive, is basing that opinion entirely on their imagination and speculation. I can easily see that being a possibility, but I can’t say that is what occurred based entirely off of speculation.

Here’s my thoughts, that goes along with the idea that he is indeed dead.

There is no honor amongst thieves. I have no doubt at all, that if you burn these people too many times, by getting caught, they’re eventually going to just get rid of you. He had already been busted once before and squeaked by. I don’t think that was going to happen this time… they needed him dead.

And yeah, there’s no doubt Epstein was an FBI informant. Likely also an informant for Mi6 and Mossad as well, since groups within our agencies regularly work with those two.

I’ll use the “9/11 was an inside job” as an example. There is more than ample evidence to support that theory. There are metric F’ing tons of real evidence to support that theory, unlike what we see here with Epstein and him being alive still.

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If Epstein was an FBI informant and if he is dead, then why was his info not leaked from the FBI yet as he would have leaked info before he died?



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Alright, Pieczenik made a strong argument there for Epstein being alive still, and he’s credible as shit.

So where is he if he’s still alive is what I’d like to know.