Facebook Bans Kissing


Facebook Bans Kissing

Nude Photo

Facebook said this photo contains nudity:

You can see this screenshot here. My Facebook is @ Joeyarnoldvn. I have included a link to my Facebook (click here to see my Facebook). For many years, especially during the 2010’s, this current decade, these past ten years or more, Facebook has been censoring and attacking me and millions of other people. I’m Oatmeal Joey Arnold and I had enough of their bullying. They are tyrants. They are very bad people. Now, other websites, governments, agencies, etc, have been doing things as well to suppress free speech and much more than that. The good news is that more people are calling them out for it. You can tell people about this or you can forget about this and move on. The choice is yours.

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Your Overlord, King of the Heavens, Mark Zuckerberg, said the following:

How we make decisions

  1. We use either technology or a review team to remove anything that doesn’t follow our standards as quickly as possible.
  2. We use the same Community Standards around the world for everyone on Facebook.
  3. Different regions of the world have their own review teams trained on the standards.

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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The rules on nudity or sexual activity

We have one set of standards because we want everyone on Facebook to feel welcome.

Nudity or sexual content includes:

  1. Nudity showing genitals
  2. Sexual activity
  3. Female nipples (except in the context of breastfeeding, after-birth moments, health and acts of protest)
  4. Sexually explicit language

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What would you like to do?

Because your post goes against our Community Standards on nudity or sexual activity, no one else can see it. Let us know what you’d like to do.

  1. Accept Decision - No one else can see your post and you’ll no longer be able to request a review.
  2. Request Review - We’ll review your post again if you think we got this wrong.

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Request Review?

You’re about to request a review. Here’s a recap on our previous decision and what will happen next.

Your post goes against our Community Standards on nudity or sexual activity

We’ll review your post again if you think we got this wrong

We’ll send an update once we’ve reviewed your post again

Screenshot at 2019-12-21 12:35:13.png
Screenshot at 2019-12-21 12:46:42.png

Review requested

We’ll send an update once our review team has taken another look.

Joey Arnold added a new photo.

December 18 at 12:24 PM

A Picture of Rey Kissing Kylo

2019-12-18 - Wednesday - 12:24 PM PST LMS JSA JA L4OJ - Now, this photo was from the 9th Star Wars movie. I posted this photo to my Facebook on Wednesday, the 18th of December of 2019. It contained no nudity. The photo did not violate the terms and services of Facebook. It is not bad. It is fine. It is allowed. Facebook said it is not not allowed. Facebook is lying. Facebook is violating their own rules. Now, if they said no kissing, then my picture image here from The Rise of Skywalker (TROS) would be against their laws, their rules, their code, their policies, their guidelines, their system. But it did not. Some people probably flagged my photo because it might be like a movie spoiler. However, Disney already spoiled the Sequel Trilogy. Now, some people don’t like spoilers. But spoiling movies is not bad. But some people say it is bad. Well, they may not use those exact words, but you get my drift. Some people got their feelings hurt and they flagged this profile picture avatar of Original Green Oatmeal Joseph Scott Arnold Rasp Morehead Cunningham Mitchell Hunter Hocking Henderson Pickett Pickell Smith Marilyn Donald FGHS WOLBI Cool Kid of 1985 Forest Grove, Oregon, USA and 1906 Amsterdam, Netherlands. I am posting this for the record. It is important to show people what happens. This kind of thing happens to people. It is not a good thing. See, there is a lot of irony going on here. In other other words, they say one thing but do another. It is a paradox, a contradiction. They are breaking their own logic. Many people can recognize the double standard, the hypocrisy here. People are making videos about it all over the Internet. Just look around for more information. Do a search if you really want to know more or just ask me.

Screenshot at 2019-12-21 12:49:01.png
Screenshot at 2019-12-21 12:50:04.png

Naked Joey

Facebook said my profile picture contained nudity. But it did not. Visit my blog for more info.



@excitingworldcryptos J R, if a person deletes their Facebook, they are actually not deleting their Facebook because they still keep the info on it. They save your photos, videos, etc. They sell data and much more. So, if you delete your Facebook, you are simply cutting off your access to the stuff you donated to Facebook. Also, Facebook, Google, and others, keep databases of people who did not join Facebook. Meaning, they attempt to build databases for people who are not on Facebook at all. So, you might as well be on Facebook for the people. Not being on Facebook does not stop them from trying to collect your data, etc. I use Facebook to reach out to people. Same thing with YouTube, Twitter, etc. It’s not a binary question of to use or not to use. It’s a quantum question of how to use these online ghetto networks owned by tech cartels and money cartels and power cartels and people who hate oatmeal so much. So, don’t rely on Facebook. Go on Facebook once a year. Go on Facebook for just one minute. Pop on real quick. Post a link of where people can find you and then get off. And then come back in a year and do that again. It is that simple. You don’t have to be on Facebook either 24/7 or not at all. You can reduce your time on it. Or you can simply post one last post on Facebook that says you left. And then don’t delete your Facebook. Just simply don’t get back onto it. If somebody wants to really reach you, they might see that and then they may figure out how to find you elsewhere. You can use Facebook and other things at the same time. You don’t have to pick. You don’t have to have an all or nothing mentality.



United Nations are giving control over the Internet to China. What could possibly go wrong?





He had tape on his mouth, but they still threw him in prison.

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Does tape protect a person from arrest?

Is it like getting pulled over and claiming you’re a sovereign citizen?



The Impeach Trump people did not get arrested.



Mike Adams talked about how globalists/etc are taking websites down. But there are ways around that. And the websites are not taken down but instead they disconnect the link between the domain name and the IP address connected to said domain name via DNS, specifically via probably ICANN and maybe even the UN, etc. Web developers should try to guide Infowars to get around Internet Kill Switches. I should probably write some articles about how to do it. Well, it is kind of complex. There are several different steps required. There are centralized systems on the Internet. There are monopolies and also tech cartels that govern a lot of the Internet. But there are decentralized systems that has been getting around some of that. There are alternatives to the centralized DNS system. So, I should come back with more information on getting around the Internet Tyranny of ICANN, the UN, etc.

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The cops also hit on Savannah Hernandez while arresting Owen for doing nothing.

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Yep, decentralization is the real answer to fixing this kind of problem. If the internet becomes decentralized, it will be far more difficult to enact such controls over it. I need to do more research into how it all works, but I get the main idea of it.

The idea that so much knowledge and information can be shut off with “the flip of a switch” is pretty scary really.



@Vitt, the Internet is becoming more and more decentralized via different systems. The best we can do is encourage people towards that.

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Yep, if I can ever find it in my history, I will link it. There was a documentary I watched where they were talking about this for a good portion of it. There are systems being set up all over the place to decentralize. Great stuff really.



@Vitt, technically, there is no such thing as an Internet Kill Switch apart from Facebook deleting stuff off Facebook or YouTube removing all that they have off their servers, etc, etc. Internet Kill Switches attempts to remove and edit servers/etc that they control directly and indirectly through backdoor remote control access and also via blocking whichever main Internet highways that they have control over. So, it is critical to create other roads around those highways and also block remote access over servers, devices, etc.



Yeah you’re right, I didn’t really mean an overall general kill switch, but like what you’re talking about.

Like with YouTube… I think of all those films, lectures, documentaries, etc… Google can disappear it all any time they choose. One of the reasons I’ve been trying to download them and keep them, rather than wait to see if they just get randomly deleted one day.

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@Vitt well, it is good that you know. But I always say stuff like this because some people may not understand what I am trying to say. And I always want new people to see what I am writing.

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It appears that ICANN started in 1998 and was or is under a contract with U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) or it may be now under a new contract with the U.N.



@Vitt right now i am trying to draw a map of the Internet.



I am drawing a flowchart to describe aspects of the Internet Kill Switches. Now, the Internet can be rather complex. So, I could probably make several different maps. But I am trying to start with just one that can describe the main parts to the Internet which may include ISP, DNS, ICANN, etc, the infrastructure of the Internet, the servers, the Internet highways, how data runs around from place to place, how data routes and reroutes locally and globally and then you have the CIA and different groups that have servers, nodes, etc, that spy on Internet Traffic, etc. So, in other words, many different parts. Now, it appears that the U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) began to govern ICANN around 1999 and I think ICANN was created around that time as well it appears but ICANN may have been handed over away from the U.S. government and to the U.N. within the past several years maybe. The DNS system seems to be split between five regions globally and they then are centralized through ICANN and/or whatever else there might be meaning ICANN appears to be the main centralized mechanism that governs DNS services mostly, etc.



ITU came during the rise of the telegraph. So, ITU appears to be trying to centralize and govern global communication, that is radio, etc, and now, since 2016, the Internet as well, perhaps.



Unstoppable Domains attempts to get around DNS services via an alternative DNS system, AKA Internet Address Book mechanism.