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Hello Everyone,
Back on the Infocomms many had asked for a thumbnail sketch as to how things work when you engage the power of the Declaration of Rights. There are details that differ from place-to-place, however, the direction and the goals are the same.

The enclosed posting was on a local VA news site and then removed within two hours. The posting came from somebody called “The Masonist”. The title was called, “The Communists in Fauquier.”

It read as follows…

Congratulations to the Communists, Fascists, Globalist, Democrats and Republicans have finally gotten their revolution against the Citizens of Fauquier County. It’s Board claims support for rights to ownership of guns but refuses to acknowledge its power to not take advantage of any law that is placed before it from the State. It is clear, that the state can make an opening for a law and define it’s limits as to where a location can move within it, but there has never been a mechanism that forces a locality to make use of the if it doesn’t want to. The County, claims it has no power to stand in the way. Of course, it does and they leave out all of the sub-sections of the Virginia Code about not performing their duties and the criminal implications for that.

In Pulaski County, Virginia, several years ago, the public caught a county “official” had lied to the public about county business. The people of Pulaski, (not the government) went through the process of getting petition signatures for a referendum of removal. The motion was allowed by a judge (an unfortunate rule that is in dire need of a constitutional change to do away with that step and go straight to a recall election) and the person was removed. If the Fauquier Board does not follow the “Sanctuary” declaration, then all of their lip service in this weak proposal is just going to get us a visit by the 40 lb. door knocker and a bullet in the head. After all, the Nazis felt a bullet was cheaper than prisons and after a while, they graduated to gas.

Where does that leave, the loyal, hardworking, tax paying, Citizenry after you have seen the proof that your government has dissolved the bond between the people and the Constitutions they swore to uphold, when they pass a gutless resolution?

They have not done this in a vacuum and most of us stayed disconnected from the fight against the creeping tyranny and deserve an equal amount of blame for not being involved, every day. Where were all these people when the babies were being murdered in the mother’s wombs since 1973 in what a “conservative” talk show host once called, “our political climate of the time”. I am sure the Nazi’s could have used him at the Nuremburg trials. However, we will take the anger where we can from such a docile public. Just as when Governor Dunmore, ordered the guns taken from the magazine in Williamsburg, this to will have the same reaction.

The Board has already signaled it no longer intends to embrace the Virginia Constitution and the US Constitution, though it writes fancy words that are completely disconnected and never refer to “Ex Post Facto law” enforcement. You are about to experience what it is like to be a victim of Ex Post Facto Law, just as our founders did. You may ask yourself as to what options do you have? If you know your US History, the answers should be easy.

I have found that 99% of the people, don’t know it accurately. I will give you a scenario that is possible and is really the only solution available to us, once the Governor orders the taking of our guns. It just so happens; it was the same for our founders. This is not for the people who are more afraid of being arrested, than they are of putting their destiny in the hands of an out-of-control government.

If the lovers of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are paying attention, they should already be assembling their family members and neighbors into a meeting group. You should concentrate on your zip code with other people of like mind. Here, you can revive the Association of Freeholders and Freemen.

You would set up two committees. One is the main body and the founders called it, “The Correspondence Committee”. For an update to the 21st Century, you could call it “The Committee of Communication”. They handled communication across their county and with other counties. The other would be “The Committee of Safety”. I would leave that name the same, as it was the foundation for what became “The Minutemen”. You should have these groups ready by January 30, 2020.

The next step would be to reach out and consolidate with the other groups in your county.

Your groups across the county should discuss a Resolve (just like the founders did locally) or set of Resolves, to send to the County Board of Supervisors that gives them one more chance to set up a full Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance and not half-a-loaf.

If they don’t declare their intention to not support the enforcement of ex post facto laws as the Jeffersonian American has pointed out, then wait for the Governor to sign those bills into law and then call your Association back into session. You should probably select delegates from each of your zip codes to convene and draw up articles of abandonment and dissolution of your local government, in accordance with the legal and binding foundation document known as the “Virginia Declaration of Rights”, basing your power to do so from clauses 1, 2 and 3 and from the Virginia Constitution, Article 1, Sections 1, 2 and 3.

That should be sent back to your local zip codes for ratification. Once Ratified, you should notify the local Government of your move in abandoning them and you are going to replace them with a new charter and government.

Doing this is easy. The next step is a bit harder but just as easy to do, as long as calm heads are involved.

It is a big step to use these powers. You are going to have to commit yourselves to follow through. You will need at least 3 percent of the county’s tax paying population to pull it off.

In the income tax collection structure of Virginia, your paycheck withholdings and your tax returns go to your local government first and then after they take out their “piece of the action”, they send the rest onto Richmond. Obviously, when you write personal property tax payments each year (something the large land owners don’t do if they have a conservancy tax break and almost all of the do) they go straight to your local treasurer’s office.

In the days of our founders, when they decided enough-was-enough, they stopped buying things that had the “tax stamp” on it and traded amongst themselves. This would equate to not collecting sales tax today. Taxes are the key to all of this. They also stopped paying property taxes.

If 3 percent of Fauquier County’s tax payer base, (about 2,100 people) adjusted their W4 exemptions to the maximum, so that none of their taxes were taken out of their paycheck, fill out but do not file their tax returns in the spring, stop paying their personal property taxes and merchants stop collecting sales taxes, the County Government would end up in financial default. Obviously, more than 2,100 would have a faster impact. Get as many as you can.

Remember, if you decide this is the course of action, then you must simultaneously provide the new charter for the new, Constitutional following county government.

Take a lesson from the those in New Hampshire who have let their old “Selectman” local government be replaced by these Corruptible “Board of Supervisors”. They wish they had it back. After you start the new government and find a new place for it, never let the Freeholders and Freemen Groups dissolve! Never let the new Minuteman groups you build dissolve! The Constitutions guarantee them! Keeping them around will keep your new government more in line.

What would the old government do? After seeing the crowds of second amendment supporters bringing with them the disgruntled, tax paying, patient empty and poorly served by the Republican Party people who have lost more than their gun rights; ask yourself, will they “choose to die on this hill?” Probably not, however, this is why the other counties in Virginia, need to also bring their Freeholders back to life and reconstitute their “Minute Men”. Neighboring counties can and should come to the aid of their neighbors, embroiled in a tyrannical government that will not cede its power, to the majority of “the public weal”

To quote Councilman Ike from Chesapeake City, just before they unanimously voted to accept an even stronger title, “Second Amendment Constitutional City”, “that Richmond is a temporary government and the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, are forever”. Of course, those are just words on paper. Without our physical enforcement of those words, they are (to quote James Madison) “nothing more than a parchment barrier”.

Always remember, “he who shoots first, loses the war”. Use the paper first.

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Is this the Infocomms?



No, the infocomms was taken down because Owen was tired of the drama and has too many other important things to do. People that were on there had asked how to start a new state government, and I am passing along the information.

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Don’t blame him one bit either. Thanks for that post man. Going to have to do some research on that stuff.

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Neither do I. You’re welcome.

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Did Owen Shroyer officially say that? As far as I know, he did not publicly say that. Do you have inside baseball information that is off the record?



Virginia I’m afraid is a lost cause. No way do I see the residents of Virginia doing anything other than continuing their move to democratic socialism. Now the Democrats control the state across the board.

My wife is from Virginia so I have been reading up as we have been considering a move there, but from the things I’ve been reading about the state, I want no part of it. That state is one messed up place. Some of the most corrupt local governments around. No thank you.



That’s the problem, people assume things that are not true. It is not a lost cause. The residents have done [exactly] the above. One of the former Infocomms members lives there and is also involved.

If you want more info on what they have done, I can get a hold of it, but if everyone thought as you do, you would be right, then the whole US would be a lost cause.

David Knight also knows of the committees formed there and has spoken of them several times.

This post was not [for] the state of VA, but what they can show people what to do as an example for the rest of the states.

I’m just glad our founding fathers did not give up so quickly, or we would have never got to experience a land of the free, or have such a beautiful country to fight for.

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That all sounds so patriotic, but then you look at the governor, house and senate, ALL Democrats now. The residents have spoken, if voting actually works. They want those nutcase socialists in power, or the voting is rigged by the Democrats.

They have shown people what can be done for sure. They’ve turned Virginia into a bunch of Democrat socialists. Other than that, it’s a lovely state.




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The Virginia GOP has not offered any explanation as to why 40 of the statewide 140 races had no candidate contesting a Democrat! So no, the People did not speak in Virginia. Almost 30% of them had no representation for their taxation and the Virginia Constitution, backed of course by the DoR, that states that all “government should be equal”. It’s not and there is the proof that the GOP is corrupt, the parties need to be extinguished, etc.

The people there have already started on their Resolves and Resolutions against the Government there. They follow the same as the founders did using the Public Weal.

This post was NOT about VA, but to teach others how to overturn the Government’s tyranny against them. It’s clear on here, everyone wants to complain, but when presented with answers, complaining takes precedence over actually doing the hard work to stop those taking away the people’s rights.

This is a perfect example of why the Infocomms did not work. Someone comes in trying to teach others how they can accomplish their goals, and they either get ignored or complained too. The rights were debated 243 years ago and guaranteed. Those rights can only be overturned or expanded by referendum vote. A mere election of temporary officeholders is not the equivalent.

So, for all that would rather complain than actually do something using the Declarations of Rights, good luck to you. Others, true Patriots, will be doing the hard work to save this nation.



I was happy to wake up this morning and read about what’s going on in Virginia. Amazing how corrupt the GOP is there, but in general as well.

Glad to see the people stand up, and I appreciate the information. This isn’t the kind of stuff any of us are normally taught through any regular system.

The people may have spoken to one degree or another, but that’s the point of our Republic. A mob rule (democracy) of dumbasses can’t vote away the inalienable rights of others, which is exactly what they’re trying to do.

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The funny thing is this has been happening for the last year there, now just getting the attention it deserves. VA will lead the way for the rest of the nation now, which I kinda knew last year.

The school systems have taken out so much of our history so there is no way unless you take a college course on history to know the rights we have. They have been forgotten. Exactly their plan so the country does not stand up.

Personally, I was never really into history much and it wasn’t until I met someone on the Comms that I realized had I paid more attention all those years ago, I would not have to re-learn the rights now in such a hurry.

The VA Militias are now also being formed to protect the Sherrifs. I know many are aginst them, but there is a difference of a legal militia and ones formed by a bunch of people that want to just shoot up people. The first to be formed is in Tazewell County.

Here is the article on the Militia formed, in case you had not seen it.

Here is a copy of the Public Weal and You. Set up in phamplet form so it may be printed and handed out.

This is a copy of The Masonists Number One for how to restore your Government using the Declarations of Rights (DoR). Also in phamplet form. Both have the ability to change them according to your own state.

Here is the site for VA Citizens Defence League, many states have them formed already. It will give you an idea of a few things happening and also shows, at the bottom of the page if you click on, how many have joined. By average, there are over a thousand per county, that number rising everyday.

As you can see, there is much to be learned as you said most have never been taught these things. The Militias can protect the Sherrifs so the citizens are not disarmed, but the public must form their committees and present resolutions and resolves to change the elected officials.

History does repeat itself, and our founders had far much less to work with then we do now, plus slower communication. This can be done if people put in the work. So getting your Committees of Correspondence and Committees of Safety going is imperative. You have no time to waste!

If you need more information or have any questions just let me know and I will try to answer them and get you the info. Good luck. God speed!!