Has Alex/Owen/anyone commented on InfoComms yet?


Maybe they don’t know. Sometimes I suspect Alex’s tech crew are sabotaging him, because the infowars site design is shit and unintuitive. Like for one, on the watch show page, you gotta know what show (Knight, Jones, or Shroyer) is playing when and click play separately on that video feed. The “live now” indicators don’t even work.

And what’s with the comments? Comments/forums are the easiest things in the world to create; you don’t have to use third-party services. I wrote a working forum for my own site when I was 14 years old using just ASP or something.



Yes, there was a brief mention on Friday’s show that Owen hosted for Alex.

Owen said to the effect of ‘Infocomms is down, and there’s no word yet, if or when it may be back up’.
Also they removed the continue to infocomms site button from the infowarsarmy site, suggesting the project is likely indefinitely shelved.



Hmm. Thanks I’ll have a listen to it.



Agreed, it’s a bit confusing the way they handle shows and show segments.

It’s really frustrating how they have an article on the Infowars main page and you click the article link and it has like a single sentence or two and no video to watch.

And the videos play as if they are “Live”, which of course they aren’t live at all, but no controls to select a time segment of the video. It plays all the way through, no way to fast forward.

I don’t like being forced to watch a whole video when I need to see a specific segment, not to mention having to watch a 5-10 minute commercial segment after every 5 minutes of show. I get it, they are selling stuff to fund the show, but damn, don’t pound the audience with a commercial every 5 freakin’ minutes!

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Looks to be moving over to this platform from my observation.



By the way, who are their moderators and admins?

Where do they get those people, “Mods Are Us”?

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Probably bots atm, the admins would be the owners of the site.

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The names aren’t familiar to myself, my opinion is alias accounts for various I.T. personnel logins.



@TheIsz @Memeart

The original site admins were Michael Zimmermann, Owen Shroyer not sure of others.

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No doubt alias names, that’s understood and expected for mods and admins for obvious reasons.

I just wonder where they get the people to be moderators and admins.

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As mentioned by @TheIsz likely mostly bots to minimize human resources.
I mentioned on original site post about, giving post originators control of content. Other sites allowed for this capabilities. If groups are formed those moderators are from members pool.



I hate to have to agree but in many ways I do. I :heart::heart::heart: Infowars and the crew but the site DOES have a lot to be desired.

Ie. Being able to download the special reports. My browser has NEVER allowed this and I’ve used MULTIPLE browsers to see if they would work.



Yes I saw that too…I hope they come back…



@GreggHuestis67, my browser does allow it and yours does not. Therefore, the problem might be your operating system, assuming we both tried to do the same thing with the same browser, like Firefox for example.



Just a FYI Fiefox is blocking GAB, you need internet explorer or bing to access GAB. InfoComms had good intentions, however with the constant and virulent IT attacks the Mother ship is under, I can see why they would rather not spend the resources to get it back. It will be missed.

However, when all of our collective voices are gone in cyber space, it’s best to have a SHORT WAVE RADIO that will allow you to at least tune into the rebroadcast of the Alex Jones show. I have not been able to pick up the David Knight show or the War Room on short wave radio.

Instead of paying to fix InfoComms I would prefer they focus on sending out broadcasts over ShortWave so all could tune in to the show regardless if we have a internet connection.
Any Ham operators in the Comms?



@antonworeakilt, here is a screenshot from a second ago of my Firefox accessing Gab with no problem. I don’t understand why people say that Firefox can’t do certain things when my Firefox can. So, is my Firefox different than your Firefox? It might be the operating system itself.



Huh strange, dunno, could the AI be selective in who and at what level one is being banned/shadow banned?
Chinese social credit score comes to mind.
I can only report what I am experiencing, I have windows 10 64 bit gaming rig with the latest drivers/updates.

I’m not IT however fairly good with computers, and tech in general.

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Win10 does some strange stuff, unlike any previous versions. I’d look into the issue there.

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Unfortunately once your computer has windows 10 going back or changing to another system is not as easy as it used to be, so could it be once you are forced into windows 10 you might have the same issues as I?

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Can’t say if one would have the same issues, but all things equal, if your OS is blocking a certain site, then others MAY have the same issue.

You are correct, once you move to Windows 10, the story changes. Considering the costs, I usually change out the main C drive the new OS will be installed on, and be done with it. Fresh OS, new drive, carry on as desired.