How Google Took Over The World

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That encounter with Rubio was disgusting to see how our politicians act around fellow citizens. Those types show that surely the voting process is rigged. How else can such creatures get into office? Are Americans really voting for these people? If these people are really winning elections legitimately, then America is lost.

Personally, I don’t think America is lost. I think we have an enemy inside the wire. That enemy is not American. The enemy has allowed, adopted, and outright forced socialistic globalism on America. No single country is to blame. Even the Communists have joined the party of international trade.

Look at Google. Look who runs it. Is Google an American company? Do they wave the American flag and promote America? Nope. The United States and it’s open border policy of “…give me you’re tired…” has been highjacked by people of a globalist mindset that is not loyal to America.

America has indeed been invaded and the enemy walked right in the front door, offering gifts of web cameras, smartphones, and shopping 24/7 worldwide.

Tyranny exists not as an iron fist, but as dependency on goods and services that more and more are of international origin.

Don’t believe it? Then explain how it is that alledged American company ES&S, the largest manufacturer of voting machines in America does not build them 100% in America with American parts and employees? What mentality allows Toyota to be the official automotive and mobility partner of the Olympic U.S. Ski & Snowboard teams?

The invasion has already taken place.



The turtle said that impeachment like this is like calling jump ball any time you want during a basketball game.

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Bickering? What are you talking about? No one is bickering here…We’ve been having an intelligent conversation about things.

Positive NOT negative.