How To Make Money Online?


So, in this crazy online world we now live in, there are opportunities to make a living online, or at the least a “part-time” income.

The traditional brick and mortar 9-5 job is not for me, for a variety of reasons, so I’ve been looking around at various ways to make money online, or “remotely”.

I define “part-time income” as a minimum of $500/month NET income.

I’m curious if anyone here has looked into such things?



Thought about it, in theory the idea can work and is plausible. But as with anything online brings a whole new set of potential drawback, and problems.

Too many people using the idea in a negative light and fashion for the general public to make use of.

With the right foundation I’m sure it’s doable, but you’d have to find a need, fulfill such a need, and be able to locate and communicate to the market, at least imho.



There is always fiverr

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I know of it, but haven’t really looked into it yet.



Back in the early 2000’s I begun attempting to make money online. So, I would look around for paid surveys, scholarships, etc. I would enter contests, games, etc. So, long story short, after like twenty years of researching these kind of things, I can say that so much appears to be like scams. For example, the Nigerian Prince Emails. The real opportunities can be as rare as winning the lottery.

The tough part is finding ways to make money online. It could be as rare as turning your garage band into the Beatles. The good news is that you can at least earn cryptocurrencies that can act as a pension, a long-term investment. Well, what an individual should do depends on his or her options. Generally, it’s good to have several different jobs. Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket. It’s better to spend eighty percent of your time emphasizing on whatever works best for you at the time. If you have no other options, then you could waste your time ONLY trying to make money on the Internet.

Making money online, for most people, is like winning the lottery or worse. It’s like getting struck by lightning. That doesn’t mean you can’t do it. But if you end up spending a thousand hours on the world wide web in order to earn one dollar for example, that is not really anything. Why? Many reasons why. But one of the reasons is simply that time is money and money is time. Like, time has value. So, it really depends on the time factor as well. Some people could possibly make some money online sometimes. But there are no guarantees. Plus, it can come and go at any time. On top of that, it is better to invest more long-term. So, please think long-term.



Going to have to agree with Joey on this one, the only way to really make money is views and advertising



Exactly. What compounds the problem with doing online stuff is that the whole freakin’ web can see the same thing. Next thing you know, 2 million people are doing it and nobody is making anything.

Like those site like Fiverr and others to market your wares. Great idea in theory, but they get flooded with people all doing the same things and pretty high level quality. Not worth the effort to fight through all that competition for so little return having looked at the prices people are charging.

It might take me half a day to model and texture and render images of a 3d model. Some items will take less time than that, and then I have to price that model in the market and people are selling models for under $20? NOPE, ain’t doing it. Not going to add to the deluding of value of such work. I didn’t go to school and spend all these years messing around with 3d stuff for less than minimum wage.

Personally, I think online opens the market to workers who live in countries where the cost of living is so cheap most can’t compete.

Overall, I do think the world is changing in that ways to make money is changing. Life online is growing and will continue to grow and get more “evolved”, so it’s hard to say just how society will “work online” in the future, but I have no doubt they will and jobs on the internet will grow.



@Memeart’s competition…



I agree. The vast majority of people are not as technically savvy as they think. They can make a pretty post card, but have no clue how to do business online.



Then there is this…



Like you mentioned selling something is you best option it is hard to just figure out what to sell

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1 Chinese renminbi (YUAN) = 0.14 US dollars.

Do THAT math!



You are threatened by the competition?



The average Chinese worker makes one-tenth of what workers in the US make. One statistic says the US has lost 2.8 MILLION jobs to China.

If you don’t feel China is a threat, you’re not paying attention.

If you don’t see any threat, just try to buy something not made in China. Then imagine trying to buy only US-made products.

The US cannot compete with a Chinese workforce of 800 million that earn a tenth of what US workers make. Their workforce is more than double the TOTAL US population.

If you can’t see the threat, you’re blind or refuse to look.



Wait till Dec 15th when clothing tarrifs go live

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I’m glad you brought this up… Because I have thought about that. Just not sure what to do.

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I’m looking into opening an online store where you can create your own T-Shirts, Hoodies, hats, cups etc.

I’ve made the first step now I’ve got get the design part put together…I’m looking at creating my own infowars style shirts etc. that I would love to see for sale at IW.

I’ll fill you guys in once I’ve got it up and running.

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I’ve written 4 Christian books that would sell better if I had the money and ability to do better marketing.