ID2020 - The Biometric Implant Digital ID


Whether or not there is such a thing as “The Mark of the Beast”, no question there are companies working to implant a biometric ID chip into humans. And the UN, Microsoft, and the Rockefeller Foundation think it’s a good idea. Microsoft’s Bill Gates also is pushing vaccines, so it seems like a match made in hell.

And of course, the UN is backing it.

So does the city of Austin Texas apparently, as they are partnering with several companies under the program “MyPass” to shove chips into the homeless of Austin. That’s right, and an American government is openly trying to put biometric chips in its citizens.

Did anyone in the Auston government ask the homeless what they want? I doubt it.

Notice where this news release comes from…Davos Switzerland. Yep, the place where the world’s billionaires neet to have private discussions about how they plan to rule the world each year. They call it the “World Economic Forum”. It’s not about the world’s economics, it’s all about their economics and how they plan to manage the world herd and make money off the world’s “useless eaters”.

DAVOS, Switzerland, Jan. 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ – The ID2020 Alliance, a public-private partnership committed to improving lives through digital identity, announced today that Microsoft, Mercy Corps, Hyperledger and the UN International Computing Center have joined Accenture as partners in the Alliance. Microsoft will also donate $1M to the effort, joining Accenture and the Rockefeller Foundation as major donors to the initiative.

Notice the sales pitch…

According to World Bank data, more than 1.1 billion people - disproportionately women, children, and refugees - are unable to prove their identity and therefore struggle to access critical services and benefits. They may be denied a spot in school or turned away from the polls, may struggle to relocate or travel, and are more likely to be trafficked.

Just last summer, Accenture and Microsoft unveiled a blockchain-based digital identity prototype for the ID2020 Alliance at the ID2020 Summit held at the United Nations in New York.

ID2020, a US-registered 501©(3) based in New York, NY, is the Secretariat for the ID2020 Alliance, a public-private partnership that is maximizing the potential of digital ID to improve lives.

This “group” is a non-profit that is heading up the program. Interesting how they are running the opeartion under a “charity”.

The question American’s need to be asking is "Who gave them the authority to push such a program on a population?

Did they bother to ask the population if they wanted such a thing? Nope, but no question they will respond with “But it’s for the greater good!”…“We are experts, we know what’s best for the masses”.

Mark or not, this kind of stuff has to stop. Corporations and billioniares getting together and implementing public policy developed in secret meetings, with the support of governments, is wrong on so many levels.

American politicians that support such things need to be called out and questioned as to who gave them the authority. It is obvious they are working with globalists and not in the best interests of the American public.



ID2020 also announced new partnerships and provided progress reports on initiatives launched last year. Since last year’s summit, the ID2020 Alliance has been joined by the City of Austin, UC Berkeley’s CITRIS Policy Lab and Care USA.

The City of Austin, ID2020, and several other partners are working together with homeless people and the service providers who engage with them to develop a blockchain-enabled digital identity platform called MyPass to empower homeless people with their own identity data.

Alex and his crew need to be all over this like stink on shit. If there is anything to make a stink about, this is it. This involves our government backing a global agenda relating to taking advantage of the homeless, vaccinations, the UN, and technology companies like Microsoft.

And they are ramping up the warnings to get your new “travel ID” as I have noticed it’s now being called, the “Real ID” mandated by the Real ID Act of 2005, requiring a new driver’s license with biometric features by October 2020.

If you don’t get the new ID, you will not be allowed to fly or enter government buildings. Though they are not telling it openly, your current driver’s license will still be valid, though I suspect for a limited time.

Wake up America! Time to make a serious decision about life in this world.



Check out the website for the state of Washington. The website was created by the government of Washington state but look at the address…id2020. ID 2020, a private non-profit effort, has nothing to do with the Real ID Act of 2005 that mandates a new travel-friendly driver’s license or state ID.

But wait, doesn’t Bill Gates and Microsoft, a private partner of ID2020, live in Washington state? Hmm. what about that? Is Washington now a fiefdom of Gates?

But wait, there’s more…So you don’t want the new driver’s license but still need to fly or enter government buildings? No problem, you can use your passport. Pay no mind to the fact that passports are chipped just like the new “travel ID”. See how they offer “options”?

The people that push this stuff are either brainwashed, or complete mental cases.

I knew that at some point the options available would be no option, just another way to comply. Ultimately they are drawing a line in the sand, whoever THEY are that support this agenda. But like with Austin’s involvement, it is public officials who are making these decisions, but where is the public input?

These politicians are in bed with what they believe and don’t even bother to ask the people they represent. That is the definition of political corruption, operating in their own interests.

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So what about ID2020 and how they are referring to “digital identity”?

Watch what happens. Internet identity. How? The new fancy chips, and a home/mobile scanner. Log on to the internet anywhere on the planet, identity confirmed and geo-tracked to the meter.

New USB plug and play home ID scanners are coming. Count on it. And they will have an app for that!

And considering all the latest efforts to launch satellite internet service, who knows what else is being launched.

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