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First some context. Here is Clownworld BSU from July 2019.

…and so the clowns were active in Coeur d’Alene in September making a mocking appropriate.

This in response to:



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Clown World 2 above has warranted a second article in the Coeur d’Alene Press. The angst.



Sounds like it was a success in getting Woods elected and crushing Price’s political career.
Was that the intent?

“I feel [the “Junk Mail” story] gave my opponent free press,” Price said after the votes had been tallied. “Because she’s part of that human rights task force, and because she was at that [ceremony], she was interviewed for the story.”

Price, for the record, denies any knowledge of or role in the mailing campaign. She said the damage done to her reputation could take years to repair.



Reminds of what Nick Fuentes is doing. He sure is good at causing problems.

I may agree with a portion of what he says, but I vehemently disagree with a lot of the rest.

I smell a leftist provocateur rat in Nick Fuentes.

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Thank you for the response and the artwork Roy. Idaho Reality Theater does not engage in election activities. The timeline of most of our work, including this Clown World CdA postcard, is set in motion by the mental illness and reprobation of lefties manifesting itself in public displays of perversion and wokeness.
Looking at the CdA city council election in retrospect however, this is what could be discerned. While Kootenai County routinely elects conservatives by large margins, the city of CdA routinely elects left leaning and establishment city councilman by large margins. Elaine Price came out in the first CdA Press article and strongly denounced the postcard. Conservatives in Idaho like these postcards. The question then is, why would conservatives make a special trip to the poles in an off election year to vote for somebody so weak. A lesson Trump taught us in 2016 is don’t apologize, double down and if you can get your opponent to denounce something which his potential voters approve of, you will suppress his voter turnout.
One purpose of this thread, as it was at Infocomms is to be a tutorial. The techniques and strategy employed could be used for good or evil. In that sense it matters not if this was a false flag or not.
Idaho Governor Little on the other hand had a more measured response to Clown World Marlene Tromp. Perhaps because he suspected he could only lose support by a strong denunciation as lefties would withhold their support no matter what.

Here is a legacy project.



Daniel Brannan responds to his CdA critics with words and more art.

Left. to Right. Dan English, Tom Hearn and CdA Press editor Mike Patrick.

“Funny Page Freakout”

Allow me to clear a few things up.

Most political cartoons today lean Liberal/Left. Not because there is such a bigger audience for them, but rather because the outlets which publish them are strongholds of the Left. And that monopoly undergirds a normalcy bias whose natives simply cannot imagine people laughing at their views.

As we have seen concerning my recent cartoon (in the CDAPress 11/1/19), any such satirical tweak to their ideological nose is, to them, an utmost taboo. Sacrilege, really.

Some more radical elements in that bubble have even suggested that Conservative cartooning is a crime! Which, in itself, is hilarious.

But it’s also really spooky.

Because it proves the very point of the cartoon — that they consider compliance with their top-down agenda to transform CDA into a cauldron of irreconcilable factions allied only in opposition to American/Christian values, mandatory. And they regard any objection to their self-refuting “tolerance” (which is intolerant of our actual majority culture) over the line.

If they buffalo us here, and convince us we aren’t allowed to oppose our own disenfranchisement even rhetorically, nor laugh at their antics, we no longer have any semblance of representative government. And I pray the scales fall from their eyes on this point because what they are otherwise proposing is an end of politics. That way lies only the horns of the old dilemma — Totalitarianism or civil war. God forbid.

In closing, let me also assuage Rep. Tom Hearn’s fears. He has run hither and yon screaming that the Blood gangbanger in my cartoon is actually an “ape.” But if you’ll notice, the character has large whites to his eyes, a hooded nose (unlike apes), is furless, wears clothes, is extending a Black Power salute, and resembles actor Keith David. No, Tom, much as you may wish to outlaw such things, it’s just a caricature of a Black guy alongside caricatures of White people. I regret to report that the ‘ape’ thing sprang whole from your own ‘tolerant’ assumptions.

Oh yeah, and Epstein didn’t kill himself.



Where did the picture appear? I don’t see it in the article.



For now, the artwork is only on social media.



There is direct causality between ALL ARE WELCOME CLOWN WORLD and its related stories above and the news stories and LTEs in this post. Get involved in the culture war, its a fun fight.

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Dan Brannan does great work. IRT recommends him to the freesquare community for all of its commissioning needs. Also, seems as though Ed Buck is to be ignored in all coverage of this cartoon. That suggests there is a soft spot to be exploited in the future.



Maybe people don’t know who Ed Buck is.
Why was Ed Buck included anyway? Is he coming to Cd’A?



Hmm, speaking of that sick fk Ed Buck… his trial was pushed back to this coming summer… leading right up to the election.

I think someone is going to use this and a lot of other stuff to slam the left into the F’ing dirt during the campaign.



One of the reasons Ed Buck was included is because the morality and pathology of Ed Buck is rampant among the lefties and so he is representative of them in the cartoon. For instance, the writer of the ‘Expect More Hate Cartoons’ article above, David Lund, is an LGBTQ-Z lefty activist with numerous contacts with the criminal justice system who is promoting a felon release center for CdA and enjoys the flesh of black men. By the way, his efforts to connect the dots from the Clown World cartoons to Brent Regan and IFF is one reason why we have kept the lefties in the dark about involved personalities. It is enjoyable to watch them flail about and then connect their dots to nowhere. The effort to connect the dots to Regan and IFF was first presented publicly by Tuevo Orjala in the comments section of one of the CdA Press articles. Tuevo is one of the local Urantia cult gurus and lefty accomplice of Lund. Tuevo has also been the butt of a cartoon, maybe i can dig that up.

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Here is the Tuevo cartoon I mentioned above. The term Thought Adjuster on Tuevos suit is a term from The Urantia Book. I dont think many people picked up on that.



At the end, it kind of felt like Luke & Leia wanted to adopt Rey. It was like Luke & Leia married each other after death. No Han Solo. They are together as siblings or as lovers. It was like they were nodding their heads. But they weren’t. Where were the other force ghosts at the end? Rey did have a last name by the way. It would have been the name of her former slave owners or the name of the planet she is from. Well, honesty is the best policy. So, why not say, “Rey Palpatine?” So, people may try to kill you. That’s fine. You can create a force bubble to protect yourself.



ID vs IDD. ID is identification document. But IDD is Iodine Deficiency Disorder.