Illegal Tantrum


Illegal Tantrum

04:49 PM - 2019-05-29 - Wednesday - Alex Jones Show - 2nd Hour - Mueller Statement - 14:54 Minutes - Jeremy - California - He called into the show and said he believe there were no or was no Trump Russian Collusion but that there may have been an illegal tantrum done by Trump. The caller might have said that Trump illegally fired Comey by firing James Comey and by talking about it which then obstructs justice. However, there was no collusion. Secondly, everybody wanted Comey to be fired. Third, Trump is declassifying everything or as much as possible. Beyond that, there is probably more to this story than just that. Jeremy might have been talking about process crime which is different. There is more that can be said about this. Sadly, Jeremy is not getting the full story or situation. Jeremy kept on saying that tantrums can be illegal. This is why we all should study law a little bit more. If we don’t, then fake news can lie to us about so many things and trick us like they may have tricked Jeremy.

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He’s WRONG!!!