Infocomms 2019 In Review


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04:40 AM - Infowars Army 2019 year in review

Can I say everybody is kind of wrong? So, it is more a question of who was more wrong. It is possibly that Owen Shroyer made choices that may have had larger consequences. So, blame can be placed on different people. Yes, the Infocomms could have been managed better, of course. It seems that they didn’t stick to one story. It appears, allegedly, like as if they were endorsing some elements of free speech on IWA. Well, I did meet Pastor Sam. I like Sam. But, this is a big complex thing. I could write a bunch of articles on all of these things. More on some of these things later. I’m still listening to this video. So, I’m trying to take it all in. I try to remain as open minded as possible.



Its nonsense that doesn’t matter, to be ignored is what it is. Too many people thrive on drama and bullshit.

This is a prime example.

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I made an hour long intro response video about this today.



Once upon a time, there was a man. He made mistakes. He did bad stuff. He ruined his relationship with his wife. It killed her. He became a dirty cop. His son found him and saved him. Then, he saved him. He picked up an old guy and tossed him in a big hole and then died. And then his son lived happily ever after for a few years until some bad stuff happened which led him to drinking blue milk on an island, the end.



He was being facetious when he said he put the George Washington socks on and it took him back in time to the 1700’s to his farm where old George was talking about the revolution.