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Pretty much as soon as the comms went down and immediately directed you to the IW website I also noticed it appears as though (and AJ confirmed on air today in the show) that AJ made the decision to liquidate his products supply (think I saw a phrase akin to everything must go). Coupled with the past few shows of him even outright saying if you don’t fund the operation he’ll have to shut things down rather than just plugging the qualities of his products), it appears he’s downsizing if not advance planning on shutting things down entirely. For what reason or purpose is hard to say without any direct acknowledgement from IW. Don’t know this is true but that’s what it looks like from such limited information.



I think Owen just shut the shit down… Too much drama



He liquidates all his products every year man… Inventory tax



Alex needs to transform his ways if he actually wants to be taken serious on the world news stage. Should a news outlet have such a store?

Does he even want to stay in the political news game? Or is it more a evolution of his business model. Ever since Robert Barnes came onboard, Alex has seemed to change directions. And then Robert starts the free law center thing.

It may be Alex is reworking his business, and not necessarily because of a lack of funding, but to legally detach certain business obligations.

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I would have thought if Owen just thought to shut it down he’d have no issue to announce it even if without a good explanation why.
As for the drama, no different or worse than the push back he’d be getting from hosting the War Room.
If it’s about the toxic atmosphere, that’s what moderating the bad actors out is for.

And no it’s not censorship to ban the bad actors. It’s not censorship to levy repercussions for bad behavior no matter how much the cry like a b*tch.

Virtue isn’t a weapon, and everyone using it as one is proving they’re wrong. No different in principle than spoiled children crying when they can’t get their way. Similar principle in a courtroom when the plantiff or defendants don’t get to control the precedings.

The more they cry, the more they’re wrong.



I like the store. I remember years ago he had membership tiers on his site but it didn’t really work out I guess. After that didn’t work he went full fledge into the supplements game and it seems to be working great.

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I agree, he should have gave warning

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I backed up all my posts about a week ago haha

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This is laughable. He’s leading on the world stage. If he wasn’t the leader the corruption wouldn’t need to take a single action.
It does appear (or maybe it’s just inevitable) there will be an evolution. He’s not going to be hosting IW until the end of time. There is going to be a transition, not if… but when.



The store isn’t really a bad thing. People buy stuff, so somebody needs to sell it. It can work well if they have the right products for their company image. I’ve actually had the thought they needed to add more products, even stuff for people to use in activism, streaming, etc.



He did say a few weeks ago that Rex is going to be following in his footsteps



They use to sell infowars stencils. Infowars bullhorns and huge banners and stuff like that would be cool



Leading in what? Sometimes Alex comes across as a legend in his own mind. My point is that he does have a much larger audience and he’s playing with the likes of network broadcasters, world news outlets, etc., so if he wants people to listen to his warnings and reporting, he would benefit from…refining his delivery. Robert Barnes is key to that transition.

Totally agree. “Lead, follow, or get out of the way”.

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He has said it, (and proven it over and over and over) how many times?
Tomorrow’s news today. Not because he’s psychic, but because he’s done/doing the research the rest of us fail to do.

Such is the perception that all leaders get. Every single person in a position of leading attains such perceptions from others. You cannot please all the people all the time. There will always be people who get their feathers ruffled no matter what you do.

This isn’t Alex’s first rodeo. He did build up IW from what nothing? Who else has done it? Let me see the list?

I disagree fully, Robert is just a different flavor, and perhaps you like it more. Alex was what we all needed at the time and considering how even his own ‘supporters’ still question him like he’s a newb to this day, certainly not one we deserved in my mind.
I like Robert too, but it doesn’t sound to me like Robert has the same qualities Alex does, some perhaps better, and some most definitely not. Also, doesn’t Robert have other gigs going on? Robert doesn’t have his own show, his own production company. He’s not vested like Alex is. Robert makes a amazing guest host… but that’s his limitations.

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How old are you? I first started listening to Alex back in like 2005. I know Alex’s deal. No need to talk to me like I don’t know anything about him. You are missing my point…

Robert Barnes is a lawyer. He is not a show host, though he could be, though he should NOT try to mimic Alex’s “style”. He isn’t Alex. Will isn’t Alex, and neither is Owen or David, etc.

Robert brings to the table a legal perspective, someone Alex can be guided by in how to handle the situation from a legal perspective. He never had that in the past, but then there wasn’t this whole “censorship” that it is today.

I see Alex and Robert working as a business team, not Alex trying to groom Robert to be a show host.

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Old enough to not take it personally, as my words in response to you as this is a bulletin board format are clearly not JUST for you.

How old are you?

I know, he’s a different flavor and I already said “I like him too”. Are you missing my point?

Lol you’re saying that to the tip of the spear for the past 20 years. How many other leaders in their field get guided by? How many musicians get guided by upcomers? How about actors? Should Robert be guided by someone just passing the bar test for law?
I’m pretty sure Robert could make an amazing show host, but I’m also quite certain Robert would be guided and take inspiration from Alex far more than the other way around.

Although I do like your idea of them working together… two cogs that compliment each other quite well.

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I’m 56. Not missing your point at all. You seem to be looking at the situation of Robert joining Alex, like Alex is taking him under his wing like Owen.

Yes, Alex can teach Robert a TON about the business, but I’m talking about them working as partners in evolving Alex’s business efforts.

Robert can guide Alex in how to set things up legally to be better prepared in this new online environment. Clearly, Alex needs a lawyer at his side to keep him and his mouth in check!

I’m trying to say that Robert isn’t coming in to join the world of InfoWars news with Alex. He came in because Alex needed a lawyer! And I think Robert is business savvy enough to show Alex how to do things legally better, not somehow change the news Alex reports. I see no way Robert knows as much as Alex about the “war for your mind”, but Robert knows the law, Alex doesn’t.

The old ways how Alex use to operate has to change and I think Robert is helping him do that.

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I agree for the first statement, but I’d also go one step further and say he probably has been doing this for quite sometime. As for Alex keeping his mouth in check, Alex is far better than you give him credit for. Just because he’s not perfect, just because he’s not a lawyer doesn’t diminish his already proven skills. I’ve watched Alex for years, and he’s very good at watching his mouth and at his phrasing, better than most even considering the shoes he’s in. Most people would crack under that pressure. Alex constantly watches his mouth by being very respectful to anyone and every demographic within his audience and he does it masterfully. Yes, sometimes he goes off in a rage, but he’s also said numerous times he does it to get the attention, to in his own words ‘break the conditioning’ and shake people out of their induced apathy by the deep state mechanisms and I agree it was a vital component in building the movement as it is today. If Alex came off like Robert all calm he probably could not have attained today what he has. This being said perhaps Robert is a part of a new evolution or transition, but Robert (save the lawyer expertise) in presentation as a show host isn’t that much different than what David Knight brings to the table already.

I’m pretty sure although Robert may be ‘newer’ to the audience, Robert has probably been working with Alex for quite awhile. And yes, I’m sure Robert is helping the team immensely behind the scenes. Aces in their places. Robert makes a great guest host, he’s an expert in law. Alex is the expert in history, keeping up with the ‘white papers’ (in Alex’s words), and producing. He’s also quite good at knowing and connecting with his audience.



I can’t speak for why InfoComms went down, but I remember Alex Jones saying either last year or the year before that he always has these end of the year sales because Texas taxes any of his unsold inventory after December.



All Alex is doing is changing course of the ship… I don’t get paid under the table by George Soros and for those of you who think that way, really don’t know what’s going on. All you can do is speculate. And I’m not going to tell you guys what’s going on either.

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