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Fair Use vs Google

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Fair Use is supposed to allow you to sing songs that are not in the public domain. Weird Al did it. People do cover songs all of the time. The problem is that YouTube violates Fair Use. If it was a real legal case, the alleged copyright claimants would take the alleged copyright infringers to actual court. See, virtual Google Court is not tangible. It is not real. Yes, people don’t like spending millions of dollars fighting in court. I understand that. I’m just saying that the “PUBLIC DOMAIN ARGUMENT” is possibly misleading because Fair Use allows for parodies, covers, etc, according to many people, many sources.

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So, I looked up “those news articles” AND I talked to the FCC like you kindly suggested. They were very helpful and they said you’re wrong so,…debate ended.

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Fair Use isn’t a law or a rule so, it’s impossible to “violate it.” It’s really a defense for when you’re charged with violating a copyright. Also, Weird Al gets permission from all the artists who wrote the songs he parodies so…bad example.



Weird AL does not have to. Weird Al even said that. Fair Use is law. You are a demon or you are dumb.



YouTube Rewind 2019

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YouTube, why did you terminate over three of my YouTube channels which had my home videos of when I was a ten year old boy in Oregon? Are you racist against children, against kids?

I have made at least 35 channels on YouTube. A total of like thousands of videos going back to 2006. I wrote a Steemit article about it. So, I counted 3 channels that I have seen terminated, Ojawall, JoeyArnoldVN, and JoeyArnoldTV. Well, number four would be JSADogDog in the sense that I lost the videos on that one. There may be others that I have forgotten about or perhaps more will be terminated next week thanks to COPPA or COPA or whatever it is. Things like this happens to millions of people during the 2010’s online especially. That is why we build networks like Gab, Minds, Steemit, Bitchute, etc, to counter and compete with tech cartels, etc. @BrianBoro

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Joey’s Poor Example For His Argument

You used Weird Al as an example for your “Fair Use” argument but, I pointed out the exact opposite of your point which is, he gets permission from the artists for every song–which you also admitted. Again, bad example. Maybe you need to come up with a better example for your argument instead of resorting to juvenile name-calling.

Joey’s Fake News About “Fair Use”

Ok, show me the Fair Use law then.

Joey Wants To Live On Willie Street

I’ll have to add you to Willie Street. \\UPDATE// Done!



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Thanks Vitt! Note, it’s not a law, it’s a provision within the copyright laws and even then, there are
4 factors to determining if fair use even applies.

Examples (to show Joey the nuance):
• A school does a parody of the song, “Jeopardy” by the Greg Kihn Band. They use parody song to make a video against drunk driving to be shown in school. In all likelihood, the school would not be charged with copyright infringement for a myriad of non-legal reasons. However, the Greg Kihn Band could still take the school to court for copyright infringement. “Fair Use” would not prevent the trial from going forward because “Fair Use” has to be proven and argued in a court as it is not a black and white standard (or law). Now, the school would probably be successful in using the “Fair Use” argument to show that the song was used for educational purposes and they did not profit from it to get the charge dropped.

• Using the example above, let’s say the school posts the video to YouTube, monetizes it and it goes viral. Again, the band could take them to court and now the trial would have to determine if the educational purpose of the video does or does not outweigh the money made on the parody video. Also, there is a relativity to the argument so, if they made $100 off the video, they have a stronger argument for “fair use” than if they made $1M off the video.

• Back to Weird Al, even though he COULD argue “fair use” if he were brought to trial, he is smart enough to understand that getting the artist’s permission protects him from having to go to court to prove it in the first place. In fact, if Weird Al didn’t get permission and his parody is more commercially successful than the original, the band could possibly win in a copyright infringement case against him.



Some of the alleged laws in America have been influenced by Oxford and others during the past century especially. The infiltration of educational and governmental systems have shifted things in a variety of ways. They continue to push humanity, globally, towards accepting thought crimes, hate speech, 1984 tyranny, etc.

Did you know that there is porn on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc?



Rob Roy said that people could possibly win legal battles against Weird Al, assuming he made more money than they did, assuming he didn’t get legal permission or whatever the case might be. But that doesn’t say much in a world where Roger Stone, Tommy Robinson, the Hitler Dog Man, parents thanks to CPS, people who collect rain water, Julian Assange, potentially Edward Snowden, the Proud Boys, etc, are sent to jail, etc, etc. Judges fought Trump on the so-called Muslim Ban. So, of course, you can lose a battle, a case, in the court of law. That doesn’t mean you are wrong. In some cases, it means that the judges are wrong. We know, when we are honest, that too many judges are too corrupt. That is bad. Things should be better than that. We should fight against injustice. We should always try to raise awareness of the injustice that happens. That is what Alex Jones talks about.



A whole lot of words and still no evidence of your claim of a “fair use law.”



Democratic States of America

07:34 PM - Dissenter

We should give the democrats the West Coast of the United States of America, anything west of the Rocky Mountains. That could be a solution. Order all Democrats to move to the west. The patriots can live in the east. Have them vote for a President for their new country. Let them continue with the Open Borders, abortions, etc. We can call this new nation the Democratic States of America (DSA). If you prefer a republic, come to the east. If you prefer globalism, leftism, democracy, socialism, communism, tyranny, plutocracy, technocracy, then please get the Hell out of here and move over to the West Coast. All the Democrats in Chicago can move to Portland, OR. New York leftists can move to Seattle, WA. Leftists in Detroit can move to San Francisco. These may be the top three West Coast Sanctuary Cities. So, most of the democrats and most of illegal immigrants can go those cities. Some of alleged refugees are murderers, etc. There is a lot of child trafficking. So, those guys can continue doing that in the west. Keep the left in the west.



That has to be the silliest, most immature comment I have seen you put out on the interwebs. It doesn’t even deserve the words to…




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