👀 INFOCOMMS members you are in a Sandbox


The regular INFOCOMMS server is obviously being worked on so, you have been relegated to someone’s sandbox. A sandbox is a technical term meaning a box (server) you setup to play with before you roll to production. Not sure whether Infowars has their own box or they are using a hosted solution but, it is obvious they don’t care about down time as no warnings were given for this “maintenance” window.

Something tells me infowars is setting the old INFOCOMMS box up so that it can be monitored better. Maybe putting it inside a DMZ between two firewalls. Who knows but whatever they are doing should be interesting to see.

Until then don’t fuck this box up like you did with the other one by writing all kinds of senseless shit.

Thanks and see you freaks on the other side!



I agree. There are obvious rules in place, and category sections to help keep things tidy and civil. This will help keep members of the community from declaring themselves to be a makeshift moderator hit squad that abuses the forum. I would suggest reading the rules,and the flaging section. The spam flag toy box is about to go bye bye and will hopefully be a punishable offense if abused. All in all everything should work out fine if this format is used.



I’m not really sure what the issue is with the less than civility.
I’ve been a moderator before on a site with a user base several times larger and more active than the comms, on boomer tech that had more decorum.
Thing about rules is, people like to read them and interpret them like scripture, and then try to use that scripture (just like the Bible) as a source of power for themselves, rather than simply learn basic civility lessons and how to play nice in the sandbox.

Far too many people are focused on tearing down than building imhv. As for the mob squads, they’re no better for any forum than the trolls that find their way in. They are cut from exactly the same cloth, only with a different sigil adorning the front.



This shit is why I took a break.



The problem at INFOCOMMS, there was little to no moderation from the onset. This created an area where essentially there were no rules for conduct or civility other than making threats which was dealt with by bannings from time-to-time. You cannot open a forum then let just anyone come in and take over. A trusted individual has to take the reins to make sure other members aren’t run over or run out.

There are people there at INFOCOMMS with several accounts fucking things up. Is it such a surprise anyone would want to do that to Infowars? If you are surprised then you have no clue what is really going on. I know for a fact there are people being paid to cause chaos at Infowars and INFOCOMMS. I guess we will see if there are improvements when they point the name back to the other server.

Should be interesting to see…:thinking::thinking:



I keep hearing hints of this. It would be much easier if people would have shown their evidence of these paid actors. Otherwise it is just an empty accusation. Then it turns into the blame game that started the trouble that I had. I was being told that people were not who they said they were, and nothing else. I asked for proof and I would have appreciated facts and evidence but was instead confronted with demands and threats of action. Then when I refused I was flagged and berated for not following the leader.

Sorry but I’m not much of a follower. I do follow rules, and I try to be objective. I don’t try and force my beliefs on anyone, but I do let my opinion be know. I believe in freedom of speech. I also believe in the root need for laws, but rebel against those laws that do not reflect my rights.

I never meant to cause trouble. I never meant to turn against the leader. But when I am accused of something I didn’t do I fight back.



too many people pointing fingers at others more than themselves.
Pointing more than producing, undermines any kind of moral high ground.
Golden rule manifested for a reason I suppose.



Infocomms is coming back up shortly…It now redirects you to the Infocomms home page



I love sandboxes. We had one in our yard when I was a kid. Infocomms can have as much moderation as they want because, first, they’re a private company, unlike gov-black-contracted Facebook, and second, this forum has specific goals in minds, certain objectives, specifically, at least in theory, or they could. Facebook was said to not have those same goals that Infocomms has or could have.

I’m saying this as a reminder and some people may not understand this and some people might cry and might try to falsely compare Facebook with this forum and some people can do that as Facebook appears to be like the standard for social networks in the minds of some people in the 2010’s, globally, generally, psychologically, but these people might be a bit mistaken with a standard like that. Facebook became a public town square where anything goes, in theory or originally that is (and not now of course). But Infocomms might not be a public square. Yes, Owen Shroyer might have said that the Infocomms should be or could be like a public square. He said, don’t censor people or something. So, he might have said that. People might have said those things. But nevertheless, the Infocomms is not Facebook for a few reasons like I said.

I’m just trying to say that some people may say that they don’t get that, if that is the case, or they may disagree. So, when you run into people who might say that every website has to be like Facebook in never ever banning people (hypothetically, because Facebook does ban people now) or in never ever censoring or never ever moderating or whatever.

I’m trying to say that people will cry wolf or people will demand for things that they don’t deserve. They might lie to say that Facebook is a human right and that all websites must be like what Facebook was originally back before they were censoring people. So, our challenge might be in dealing with people who don’t get it. There are differences. Some of the differences might be subtle.



Hopefully it will be better.



That’s kind of what I’ve been hearing too. It looks like the new URL is: infowarsarmy.com.

They appear to still be working on it though

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What’s up JoeyOatmeal?

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What’s up brother? I’m missing our infocomms



That’s not really accurate. A sandbox in computer terms just refers to an isolated area, usually a virtual one (a software-driven isolated space where applications are restricted to so they can’t damage the system).

That said, the URL community.infowarsarmy.com now redirects back to infowarsarmy.com ; odd stuff.



Sandbox is a video game development term referring to a game that is an “open world” with no levels, etc. Basically, anything can be done that the game allows instead of having to level up to reach new areas. Minecraft is likely the most well-known sandbox video game. It’s also known as an open world game.

The term is used in more than one way. Some use the term when they should use the term “open world”.

Basically, it is a game environment that is a fully open single map world, a single sandbox where all players play.

It is also a gaming level/map for testing where all restrictions are usually not implemented and everything is available to use.



Sorry for posting senseless shit guys… won’t happen again. Promise you that. I had my reasons though… But going to do things differently.



Yes. From what Owen’s told me this was an internal issue…but from what I’m NOW hearing the comms were sabotaged by someone but I have not heard who yet.

Griff made it sound like that infowars disabled it due to the infighting that was taking place BUT that’s not been confirmed and I highly doubt that they would do that.

With Brighteon.com and our comns BOTH going down in betting it was sabotaged by some governmental group or butt hurt former comms member(s).

But, that’s just my gut feeling and has ALSO not been confirmed…so please DO NOT give this out to be 100% correct because it is JUST my gut feeling .



@GreggHuestis67, Brighteon is not down: see my screenshot below:



Backup platform is operating for now. Who’s got a conference in this forum?



Conference as in private group message, you mean?

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