It’s back up in case folks missed it.



This mean we’re having another migratory event? The mention an eviction date? Lol lolol
Some great ideas have spawned in my mind while taking refuge in this platform. Ha haha
Okay thank you for the heads up.



Well now, and we thought it was lost to the digital void! Glad to see it was saved and restored.

So now I guess this becomes the summer cabin for an occasional vacation?

Back to the 'comms it is. :+1:

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Looks like it’s just a refresh. Apparently all the old content and memberships are gone. Have to sign up again at InfoComms.

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I am busy with other items presently, migrating sooner than later.



It means we have at least two websites now for this, Infocomms and Free Squares.

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yea, unlikely.
Before I showed up this site had 17 users. There’s more daily activity in an as seen on tv store, than on freesquare until the comms went down.
I don’t see folks using both, when one can support exponentially more users than even the comms had grown up to.

It’s great to have a back up of course, but this will return to being the ghost town it was I’m sure.

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@TheIsz, I’m not talking about how popular Free Square is. Yes, a ghost town, but still a town nonetheless. That’s my point, is that this is a place, potentially. It has been a place. People can post here too. Infocomms is more popular, you are right. But why not have backups? Isn’t that what Matt Drudge said? Isn’t that what Alex Jones and Soph and others say, to have backups, etc, etc?

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