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Hey folks,

I go by my moniker Isz, I use a moniker to protect those I care about, and because I believe the message is greater than the messenger. I hail from the Great White North - GTA. I’ve been a thorn in the side of clown world as long as I can remember, even before I understood more than knew of its existence. I’ve been haunting online discussion boards for many many moons (Morpheus, mIRC, LimeWire, Disqus just to name a few), using free speech as my tool or weapon as the needs arises.
I’m a firm believer rights are like muscles. Use 'em or lose 'em.




I’m me Gregg Huestis, pretty much all over the web: @GreggHuestis67: Twitter/Instagram/YouTube, the Comms and here as well.

I’m the author of 4 Nonfiction Christian books. I’m a part of the infowarsarmy Austin and have done several events with OwenShroyer and the infowarsarmy Houston & San Antonio: Free Alex Jones Rally September 2018, Texas State Cemetery/Planned Parenthood Protest November 2018, MULTIPLE sign holds over the East Riverside Bridge, #WakkForLifeRally Feb 2019, Beto Rally Protest March 30, 2019, and the

Planned Parenthood Protest in Austin this 26 May 2019:

#FreeAlexJonesRally 22 September 2019:



@GreggHuestis67 Awesome photos!!! The Planned Parenthood rallies are some of my favorites. It is so great to see you out there speaking up for those who can not. Thank you !!



Were you able to attend the Planned Parenthood protest on the twentysixth?

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@GreggHuestis67 I wish!! I’m in MN. When I do end up going to one it will probably just be in the city here.



Oh that TOTALLY makes sense. I want to be able travel around like Millie_Weaver etc. Some day to attend and report on these things…

IF it’s Gods will it will happen…But until then I’ll do what I can here and online.

I’m on my FIFTH 30 day FB ban since 24 October 2018. I’ve off more than on in the last 8 months!!!



@GreggHuestis67 I’m a huge fan of Owen’s, I’d love to meet him someday!! :blush: and that’s great! You must be on target. I just deleted my FB a few days ago…good riddance… Not like my posts ever got out there anyway. I was fighting only a handful of die-hard libtards to no avail. I never got banned probably because I wasn’t very effective.



The only reason I don’t delete my account is they don’t REALLY delete it…and I’m also using my SM accounts to red pill as many as possible.

And when I get a permanent ban…I won’t be able to post any longer on the platform.

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When people see you on Facebook, you can leave links in your bio that can lead them to Infowars and to other places. Every once in a while, people look for you. If you’re not there, then other people may lie about you there.



Screw FB…I post stuff openly at myself and my Alterego NeilHansen…I’m not ashamed of supporting #PresidentTrump #AlexJones #Infowars @Infowarsarmy #RogerJStoneJr etc.

They wanna ban me I can’t stop them unfortunately…but HOPEFULLY the Antitrust actions being enforced will hopefully TURN THE #Censorship TIDE soon…

Only Time Will Tell!



@joeyarnoldvn yeah that could be a good idea too but personally I think I’ll have better luck in persuasion in 3D. Facebook’s got their deck stacked.



@Shayla, But why not do both? Why not emphasize in the real world while still leaving clues for people to follow online at the same time but only five minute per month online? Just five minutes online once a month or year. You go on, leave something on the Internet and then go back into the real world and focus inside the 3D world. Emphasize and focus on the real world. But you can also do a few things online once a year or not all the time, just a few seconds once a year. Not a lot of time. Just very small. You don’t have to do one or the other. Do both.

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@joeyarnoldvn I would if the big platforms would be neutral. Unfortunately they just want to brainwash you and sell your data… It’s just not worth it for me. Seems like focusing energy on real-life interactions and relations will have a much greater yield.

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I totally get that.

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