Is 2020 The Beginning of a New Decade?


Yes, Alex Jones is right that the next decade begins in 2021 according to the Gregorian Calendar. I wrote an article about this. Click here to see more.

But astrological and computer time reassigns 1 BC as 0 AD in order to align each decade, century, and millennia, to end at the end of a nine year (9) like 2019 for example. The Holocene Calendar adds 10K to each year which then turns 2019 AD into 12019. I would favor for whatever calendar that allows for alignment to 0. Either backdate-add an actual year zero to a calendar system or go with the astrological system of having 1 BC as 0 AD. That is what I would prefer. Alex Jones is right but I still think starting at 1 messes things up.



New Decade according to astrological time and computer time.



If the 2010’s decade begun on 2011, why not call it the 2011’s?



The new decade starts in 2021 according to the Gregorian Calendar but in 2020 according to astrological and computer time which aligns 1 BC with a virtual 0 AD in order to allow each decade, century, and millennia, after AD or CE, to end at the end of the each year ending in nine (9) as in 2009 and 2019. So, ultimately it depends on the calendar system. I prefer astrological time. Therefore, I say Happy New Decade for 2020, for the 2020’s. I just made a Dinosaur Philosophy and a Steemit Article on the last day of the decade, yesterday, which talked about this. In my Dino Meme, the silly dinosaur asks, “If the 2010’s decade begun in 2011, why don’t we call that decade the 2011’s?”

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