Justice Is Coming For: The Deepstate Is In Panic Mode


My first Documentary that I “produced”. Take from multiple News outlets…



I sure hope so. I keep wondering how nasty this is going to get and how far it will go. They have control of the establishment media… no telling what kind of mindset they could move their followers into. I’ve been amazed at the rate at which they’ve been able to get so many people into this crazed and ridiculous way of thinking/acting.

Between social media and mainstream media, a lot of people are F’ing losing it. Reality, normality, and reason have been thrown to the winds.



It does appear that way. But I try to keep in mind what is being projected and WHO is projecting it. I do believe that the majority of people are sitting back saying the same basic WTF? comments, but the majority really aren’t like those few nutcases who are highlighted in the media.

It’s about perspective. Certain entities in media are pushing a story line, but is it an accurate portrayal of society? Is there really a growing socialist movement? Really? Has America become that deluded with “non-patriotic” residents? Way too many questionable and even unconstitutional court rulings, and government policies makes one wonder.

Best way I can put it is that America has an enemy inside the wire. Need more intel to know how this needs to play out. There is a global effort being made to “manage the herd” that is contrary to American standards and in some cases in opposition to US law.

A part of me thinks that while everybody has been watching for an invasion like in WW2, by a bunch of military transports with commie troops on board, the invasion was taking place over time on commercial airliners one passenger at a time, as well as across our southern border, all with the help and encouragement of our own politicians and their “humanitarian efforts”.

Strip America of what made it great and send it to China and other foreign countries. Our own companies are the ones who have done it with the assistance of our own government via “globalization”, with no loyalty to America.

How many Americans are okay with that? We’ll find out because it’s a fools errand and something will break eventually.