Killing Trump in Dallas


Trump Assassination

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They are trying to murder Trump in Dallas, today. Red Alert. @realDonaldTrump

2019-10-17 - Thursday - The seventeen of October of 2019 - Timestamp: 04:43 PM PDT LMS JA





Raising the alarm was a good call I think. Some weird hints dropped that make it reasonable to think they would kill him, if not today, one day.

However, at the same time, gotta be careful. Don’t want to become “the boy who cried wolf.”

Either way, it served multiple purposes. It put the people on check who are thinking about assassination, and it made a lot more people aware of the possibility. If/when it happens, more people will be looking at the Deep State.

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@Vitt, keep in mind that Trump Murder is being attempted on several different levels. See, the lower levels would be your average SJW Joe. Now, a lone wolf is less likely able to. The FBI and others can investigate them and stop them. So, the pawns can try to kill Trump. So, they come and go. But they’re not really that threatening, of course. I wouldn’t be surprised if weirdos are always trying to kill Trump like 24/7. But that’s not out of the usual.

Higher levels would include politicians, puppets, people in Hollywood, producers, others, who may have more money and can make even bigger attempts at assassinating Trump and others.

The globalists and others at higher levels are less likely to be making as many attempts as lower level people.

The higher the level you go, the more successful the hit can be and might be.

So, it is not a question of if but a question of who. It really depends on who decides to murder Trump. It depends on how much they put into the assassination attempt.

Supposedly, people at the higher levels are smarter. Supposedly, some of the control freak tyrants are a bit smarter, that is the higher up that you go. I’m not talking about the puppet leaders you find in the world but the people that run them.

Supposedly, the elites are not all on the same page.

I’m not sure if the Rothschild family are still at the highest levels of global control at the moment or not. I’m not sure how high up Soros, Clinton, Bush, Obama, and other crime families are.

But the theory is that if enough of the higher levels of people got together to really kill Trump, they could do it at any time like they probably did to Epstein.

But, supposedly, the people at the highest levels are not all on the same page in regards to how they are to impeach, remove, imprison, kidnap, poison, drug, alter, murder, and/or etc Trump, and/or other patriots as well. It’s complex.

The lower levels are trying to murder Trump more often. Higher level people, not as often as they are trying to strategize their moves in this game of chess.

For example, the higher level could dump a bunch of bombs on Dallas right now.

The lower levels may have a tougher time getting enough bombs to pull that off.

But higher level people can do it. So, lower level people are trying to do that.

Of course, higher level groups prefer that the lower level groups do the dirty work for them.