Man Sets Himself on Fire Near White House



This is how psychotic the left is.
They’re not going to be burdened with something pesky like common sense when they have an extremist point to make.

They are only getting worse too.



This happens when foundations rot.

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I’m sure Trump will sleep like a baby tonight. If this guy thought setting himself on fire was going to make his point for him he was sadly mistaken.

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Why? You think our president doesn’t care for a human life, no matter how ill they might be? I didn’t hear that he lit himself on fire because of Trump or that he didn’t like Trump. I’m hearing that he had mental issues…the family had reported him missing the day before.


Either way, it’s an awful and disturbing way to go that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.
I wouldn’t sleep well knowing someone had done that on my front lawn.

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I just don’t think Trump probably has the time with all the stuff he has going to worry about this guy. This is what happens when you don’t put money into mental health.



No need to worry about the guy, he’s dead.

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Yes, more funding for mental health!

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The problem is not mental health. not exactly. That is fake news by the same people who want Gun Control.

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