Media bashing the President over Bagging ISIS leader


Won’t bother posting links, it’s all over the news even the mainstream has to report it.

But this is why they’re the enemy media.
Who’s side are they on?
Not the pre-existing citizens.
This is a reason why they’re endlessly racist to white people.
This is the reason why they hate Trump.

They are enemy media. ISIS couldn’t have a better news team than main stream media.



Maybe these are some of your links for “media bashing the president” over killing a terrorist leader…

In fact, here’s a golden oldie…

Alex appeals to the facts in the historical record and an instinctual rejection of the pure lies put out by the establishment. You don’t want to miss this video; hopefully you can use it to reach those who felt “renewed” by reports of bin Laden’s death and are accepting the big lies all over again for the thrill of celebrating “the kill.” It’s a shoddy hoax to bolster public support, but even that illusion is falling apart. The L.A. Times reports that Obama’s “bin Laden bump” has already fallen back to Earth with the rate of gravity. After all, the system has no credibility, and cheap lies about bin Laden have minimal value. Such easily exposed lies can be dumped on Obama as political baggage just as easily as it can boost him in the polls. The persistence of the Left-Right paradigm allows Obama & Bush alike to be dumped on for the failures & frauds of the system, actually giving cover to the continuity of government agenda, which milks power from the perceived need for greater “safety” measures as well as failed leadership.

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They’re mindless puppets reading scripts. Likely CFR scripts… Deep State globalist BS.

I think Baghdadi is dead, because of their reaction. One of the Deep State assets was just taken out. McCain’s good buddy if I remember right.

Just speculation though… like you’re linking there Rob, it wouldn’t be the first time we were lied to about something like this.

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This is the basic story, which to me is complete bullshit. They “found” him lass than a mile away from a Pakistani military base.

Then there is the claim they “buried” him at sea in a rush, claiming they wanted to keep with Islamic law.

So far, not a single image has emerged of a dead Bin Laden.

Oh, and they also crashed one of the helicopters in the raid, yet the Pakistani military claims they didn’t know about the raid till after.




“to keep with Islamic law” means lying to the public, not burying at sea.
Burying at sea is a naval tradition I think of the West.
I’d be interested to see how many other notable names were, and are practiced of being ‘buried at sea’ in accordance to the traditions of said fanatical religion.

No, the keeping with their ‘law’ means lying to everyone else.
Change my mind.



Think it also had to do with getting rid of the body as quick as possible. The more people that got a good look at it, the more people there would be pointing out it didn’t look like Osama, and asking questions.

Like those Seals who pulled off the mission and started asking questions… they aren’t around anymore.

Anyone else keep typing “Obama” instead of “Osama”? lol I do it every time it seems like.


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I hope we can see the video.