"Merch by Amazon" - What kind of scam are they running?


After waiting for about 6 months after I applied, I finally got approved to be a seller with Merch by Amazon in January 2018, selling t-shirts. It didn’t take long to learn that you just don’t make a shirt design and it start selling. So I stopped making designs and uploading them, basically said screw it, not worth the effort.

I didn’t try a bunch of shirt designs, but I did several, nothing sold. So I did a little investigating and learned that their system at Amazon has some issues, mainly with theft of designs and getting crowded out by large retailers. Lots more to that story, but basically, the situation is questionable at best for individual sellers. You have to research what sells and do certain things to try to make your shirts even visible to customers. It’s kind of involved.

But here is one I didn’t know about till yesterday that a friend of mine that is also an Amazon seller told me about when we were discussing trying the shirt thing again…

…the t-shirts run in size at least 2 sizes too small yet it is against Amazon TOS to inform customers they run small, so they should order a larger size!

Take a look at the comments section of t-shirts on Amazon and see how many times customers say the shirts are too small that they needed to return them. It’s a common comment. Yet Amazon says we can’t warn customers of the problem. I guess they don’t want their Chinese partners offended.

I was considering giving it another go, but when he told me that about TOS rule, I’m thinking I was right about Amazon in the first place. Seems like it’s a thug company scamming the American public, by an American, that is cozy with communists.

Needless to say, FUCK AMAZON.

It seems insane to me to not tell customers something that will prevent product returns. Returns of products hurts Amazon and it’s sellers, so why in the hell would Amazon not want to tell customers? I don’t get it.



Here’s a simple search about sizes…How can Amazon not know about the problem? They Do know and are actively trying to prevent people from telling the truth to customers…


Check this out, speaking of China…

Somebody needs to investigate this Amazon situation. Do a serious investigation into what kind of operation they are running. I’m smelling a rat big time.

Does Alex have the balls to go after Bezos and call him out on his bullshit communist-friendly company? I doubt it, but it would make for a great investigation and story.



Oh I’m sure he would. He’s blasted Bezos many times. That’s crazy they don’t let you tell customers basic things like shirt sizes running small.

I don’t really ever order from Amazon. Have only every rare now and then. Like fuel filters for my truck… cheapest place to get the OEM ones by far. No idea why Mopar sells both for $115 each at the dealership or I can get them from Mopar on Amazon for $105 total lol…

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When I searched Amazon, here’s what I found.



Also these…







You funny guy you.

LOL, which one do you think would get pulled first?








Sue Amazon?

Should people attempt to sue Amazon for not being allowed to warn customers of the inaccuracy in shirt sizes?

Shirt Size Inaccuracy

Why are so many people commenting about the shirts being too small?

Amazon Scam

Is that false advertisement? Is it some kind of accidental or purposeful error?

Legally Permissible?

Is it legally allowed in America to sell to customers items they did not order in the first place, assuming the customers ordered one size but got a different size, meaning a different product altogether, right?

Red Blue Guitar

If you buy a red guitar from me and I send you a blue guitar, is that acceptable?

Breaking Promises

If I promised that I was going to send you a red guitar and a blue one came in the mail, is that no big deal?

YouTube Videos?

Are people making videos about this on YouTube?

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I noticed this on Amazon, not sure if it’s some sort of compromise…




@Rob_Roy, looks like Rotten Tomato Reviews where they tell you how perfect Ghostbusters 2016 was or Last Jedi or where they tell you how bad Joker 2019 was. That’s what I think of when I read that on Amazon, that 73% of customers say this fits as expected. Sounds like they are trying to cover for a big problem. Possibly a bunch of fake bot account ratings. Looks like they are sweeping stuff under the rug. Almost as bad as that third Star Wars trailer for that 9th film which came out last night. The trailer doesn’t tell you anything. People hate it.


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