New Joker movie


Sure it had some good points, but it also had some bad points, and a lot more unremarkable points.
If the best thing about it is that the leftists don’t like it…
Means it’s a good political statement, but not a good movie.
Had a great discussion with a fangirl who wouldn’t stop gushing about it being the best movie ever…
Wouldn’t acknowledge a bad thing or critique about it.
Hey, I’m all for triggering the leftists but that in and of itself doesn’t make a best movie ever.

Plenty of things I found wrong with it, not enough good things right.
Stacking it up against The Dark Knight?
Leaves something to be desired.



Bad Batman Film

As a Batman movie, it’s at the bottom or close to it.

Great Trigger Film

As a general film about some random man who is like a joker but not the Joker, it is very interesting for sure.


Now, it was made by leftists. It does seek to promote SJW things.

Inverted V For Vendetta

It is an inverted V For Vendetta.

Fox Gotham & Dark Knight

I prefer the Joker from the television Gotham television show and my second favorite Joker is from the Christian Bale and Heath Ledger Dark Knight films.


Yes, this leftist film also triggers leftists because it is not totally lefty. Orange Man Bad. NPC Messages.

Orange Man Bad

Thomas Wayne is symbolic of Trump.

Drag Queen Joker

This girly Joker is partly gay, partly drag queen lite.

Mental Health

It is partly accurate in portraying how mental health can decline and mess people up.

She Was Dating Arthur

The lady was dating Arthur Fleck. But she was probably pretending not to know him, later on, because she was probably insane as well, forgot about their relationship, or possibly was afraid of him and wanted to end her relationship with him.


It is possible that she meets random guys in the elevator all the time because she is like a gold digger or up to no good.


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