Omar Invasion


Only you can stop I. Omar from using children as her weapon.
If you don’t you’re TRAINING every other threat, foreign or domestic that children are their tool to use against you.



What in the actual hell are people doing listening to this viper? America needs a complete wake up call.



Passive hostility is still hostility.
Allowing foxes to run in the hen house is the farmer’s fault.



Oh I agree wholeheartedly. These snakes we have in congress are the soul responsibility of those that voted them into office. They are to blame.



NO legitimate vote did this. Impossible.
THey have manufactured the plausible deniability, and are using it as power.
That’s why it’s hostile, and why it’s warfare.
Most to all of any authentic actual votes for these snakes still came from people who never had a right to be there to begin with.



I don’t believe that all the votes were illegal, my opinion. I think the real issue is the lack of votes that could have countered their meddling. That is the actual shame of our nation. Those that say that they don’t bother because their votes wouldn’t count anyway. It’s my belief that Donald J. Trump winning the presidency was mostly because a ton of middle America actually got off their butts for once and made a difference. There is abundant amount of evidence that there was voter fraud happening in that election, and also in the mid terms. The voter counts were drastically different. The public voted hard for president, and neglected the mid terms…again.



You believe this evil has ever played fair? Even when they’re caught they don’t admit it.
When are they NOT lying? seriously?
I never would suggest all votes were illegal, they probably duped some people.
But not enough to overcome the existing population. To do that would need several (what double digits of different methods discovered now?) other methods to bolster their numbers…
Forcibly settle ‘legal’ invaders
Glitchy voting machines
Surprise after election votes
Recounts that surprisingly overturn key elections
Settling illegals invaders
etc etc.

The only reason they used every imaginable trick, is because it was absolutely necessary to achieve plausible deniability.

They use the fact you can’t prove it as a weapon. Truth exists whether proven or not.



Candace Owens interviews this Muslim:



Neocons and Rino’s have incentives for continuing illegal migration problem. Which they allow Democrats to blockade efforts of resolving the problem unchecked. Never Trumpers and others Republican Congressional members are negligent in support for President Trump’s efforts.
However the recent comments from Liz Cheney suggest the Republican Posers are beginning to sense the critical nature of civic instability being exhibited.
The potential of international ramifications of this Pit Bull grip the Democrats have on the attack Trump agenda.
Who knows the vulnerability of Democrats to unwittingly solicited foreign operatives subversion in their Zombie minded march upon Authority of Presidency.

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Holding a “Two Party Protagonist” alternative view to the Political Parties blame the other side game. This book reaffirmed my unverified summation.

Point being Conservatives have been teaching their children the rules of game the system, Constitutional deviants version of Constitutional Intentions, at same level as Progressives have done.



We all have to be thanking God right now and seeking guidance for the future events yet to come. So we all know how to stop their tactics and counter their moves. So that Trump gets re-elected. We need divine intervention. The enemy is going through its death throws. Almost like killing a parasite, it always tries to resist. Can never let up no matter what. If we do, they will gain ground. Just like the old saying, it is always darkest before the dawn.