Over 10,000 Federal Statutes


The federal government has said that they lost count how many there are. Over 10,000 federal statutes, laws, codes, rules, acts.



Can a cop arrest you for what you said or wrote in emails, on the world wide web, in newspapers, books, on the Internet, in videos, magazines, on public bulletin boards, billboards, online, offline, in word documents, on computers, in files, etc, or does it have to be recorded live and direct between the suspect and the police, in person, directly, in real life, as opposed to indirectly through other people (hearsay) or other things? That is what I want to know.



Now, by the way, a remedy and reaction to some extent to the Internet, to the age that we live in, to the corruption in governments and other things, etc, might be the transparency of blockchain.

In other words, transparency can violate privacy, the 4th & 5th amendments for example, but due to the circumstances of how things are of where we are in world history, like I said, with all things considering, blockchain is helping the world. Cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, etc, is helping us counter certain problems.

Theoretically, there may be some problems with blockchain, that is the decline of privacy, etc, but we don’t live in a hypothetical bubble of theories but in the real world with too many variables to keep track of.

One of the problems is that of the tenth amendment. So, in other words, the corrosion of the 4th, 5th, and 10th amendments, etc, have been aiding in 1984 Big Brother Authoritarianism.

Blockchain serves as a reaction that tries to countermeasure all of that. I say blockchain is a solution. I’m not saying it is the only solution.

But it is all about trying to regain balance.




Trump was talking about running in 2000 which is when that Simpsons episode aired meaning it was mostly a silly insult towards Trump, like a threat to tell people not to vote for Trump who will bankrupt America like FDR did in 1933



Danielle is right that The Salvation Army is everywhere. They’re inspiring children to live for Christ. I’ve worked with The Salvation Army for years. Now, currently, I’m not working them right now. I’m Oatmeal Joey Arnold - Joeyarnoldvn - Ojawall - of 1985 Oregon.

I don’t want to say I will never return to work at their camps again. I was in their Revolution Hawaii ministry for a year, 2007-2008. I was involved in their local church ministries as well in Oregon. I treasure the people. In honor of Blake Webb, I even became a soldier.

Long story short, I have a lot to say.

I share in what Danielle says in being led to serve the whole church or at least try different things. So, I’ve been involved with other camps, churches, etc. I’m currently undecided in some ways. I’m currently in a transition in my life. I was teaching English in Vietnam for five years, 2012-2017. I was a camp counselor for five additional years before that.

I say all of that to say that I’ve had my foot in the door of different churches, organizations, clubs, camps, etc. I’ve seen the best of both worlds. So, my allegiance is split in some ways. I have mixed feelings. I think a lot about doing the most good, pun intended. A heart to God and a hand to man is a great motto to live by. William Booth started an army of servants and life is for service indeed. So, I truly love Salvationists. I love what Amy Reardon does. I love what so many different people do. I don’t have to get into all of it right now. Like I say all the time, all of this is a long story but I think

I know how Danielle Strickland feels and everything.

Because I think about maximizing my reach, my opportunities, my ability, my efficiency, effectiveness, in utilizing my gifts, talents, skills, in serving Christ, in helping people the best that I can. As the body of Christ, each one of us may have different roles like different body parts. So, if you are an ear, then what are you doing in the eye section? Danielle might be in the wrong section as well. Also, I might be in the wrong section as well.

I’m oversimplifying all of this. I say all of this to say that it is all complex and everything. But regardless of the details, all Christians are part of the family of God and it is very valuable and fundamental when we interact and communicate with each other and help each other out and talk about things.


When we talk about things.

It’s amazing.

It’s delicious like original green oatmeal.

Even when talking about things like this.

More on some of these things later.

Until next time.

Eat some oatmeal haha.



In regards to Edward Snowden, you can look at the specifics to debate the details or you can look at the bigger picture.



Elon Musk said that robots are taking over our jobs and that we will probably have universal basic income (UBI) which means authoritarianism under the guise of communism, socialism, neo-distributism, Obamaism, of sharing. Should we let the powers that be tell us how much money, how much income, we may or may not have or should we simply compete for them via free markets? Do you trust government to make these decisions on your behalf without falling to corruption excessively? If you are hesitant, then why not fight to limit the powers of governments, corporations, organizations, tech cartels, etc?