Pew Die Pie On Hong Kong


Pew Die Pie was saying that companies care more about money than they care about the people, the fans, the audience, the customers, etc. Felix also said we always have to push back and demand for more freedoms. We have to stand tall like South Park did, Felix added.

Actually, they can make more money pleasing the customers, long-term speaking. The people on top are doing things in the name of power, in the name of taking over the world, in the name of saving the earth, in the name of transhumanism, and/or etc, etc, as opposed to just in the name of money.

Pew Die Pie

11:50 AM - Hong Kong vs Joker Ends Fortnite - Love the Joker Memes.



Most of the time he’s just entertainment, but sometimes he does stuff like this.

This is why the establishment doesn’t like him. He won’t do what they want, pushes against their BS, and has FAR more young people listening than “they” ever dreamed of.

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I would dare them to ban Felix or Trump.

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I’ve been amazed at how people are making money, some BIG money, just from streaming videos of nothing really other than talking shit. What really gets me is those who are streaming video game play, and actually make money off it.

That whole idea has had me thinking how I can take what artistic skills I have and turn it into some kind of income stream.



Yep, its crazy really and kinda cool. I doubt Pewdiepie ever imagined it turning into this, just from streaming video games years ago.

Now you’ve got me thinking about it lol…

I’m about to attempt to carve a big dragon head out of a giant mesquite burl. Maybe take some video of the process and do something with it.

Ever seen Alec Steele? Maybe I can do it with wood bah haha



No, haven’t heard of him, but I too have made a Scottish Claymore…



I remember you posting that stuff on Infocomms. Really cool work there man.



Wow! :open_mouth:





Double WOW! :open_mouth::open_mouth:
Beautiful work!

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Did you do the background too? Really well done man and super realistic.



No actually that is a stock HDRI image in Substance Painter.

They are used for rendering an image with lighting so you can see how the model will generally look in whatever 3d environment it will be, so you can set the camera to similar settings to match. Helps to make sure the textures look right.

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and something a little different…



Speaking of King Arthur, I might be related to him.