Plane crash near Tehran


This was the fastest ‘technical failure’ investigation I’ve ever seen!

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Looks like Iran shot down the passenger jet… ‘possibly inadvertantly’.

Oops, they’re ‘really sorry’ they blew up a passenger jet…



When a fake attack turns real! Easy mistake when you’re launching Russian-made rockets.




Yeah, I’m pretty sure it was an accident, and they’re worried shitless of real retaliation (which I hope there is none).

It all needs to continue down the de-escalation path and “accidents” like this will hopefully stop.

Could be wishful thinking.



If it was an accident,
Why did they lie about ‘technical failure’ while the debris was still smoldering without a real investigation?
Why did they withhold the black box?
How would other countries react if their civilians were blown away by a missile?

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Yeah, that’s a big if for sure…

The idea I’m getting about what happened in Iran, from what Alex, others, and Trump has said about this, is that the retaliation attack against us was coordinated between Trump’s administration and the Ayatollah’s people. It really does appear that it was a show to appease the Iranian people, but coordinated beforehand to reduce damage/casualties.

What was talked about this morning does make a lot of sense. That Soleimani was gaining a lot of power with the forces he was leading, which was making the Iranian leadership nervous, so they worked with the US to have him taken out. I know for sure Soleimani was working with Kerry/Deep State, the way they like to play both sides. Create ISIS and run some of the groups fighting them too… basic MIC playbook really.

Then this plane is shot down… which I think freaked them out. They weren’t actually trying to escalate anything but knew this could do it, so they tried to lie about it and cover it up. I think they knew how other countries, including the US, might react and that’s why they’ve acted this way.

Can only speculate really bleh… so much BS flying from all directions its hard to say.



Not so big an if. I don’t think Jihadi Trudeau has the spine to outright announce his intelligence believes it was shot down by a missile strike, unless someone else credible like maybe the U.S. has evidence to prove it.
He certainly had no spine as to what he plans to do about it if he doesn’t get the co-operation he’s expecting from a regime that hasn’t yet stopped lying about the facts of the situation.