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New Military Branch

Air Force v Space Force v Brain Force




You do realize Infocomm does not exist because of you, right?



Damn glasses…I am seeing double again!!!

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@Joey, so you confess that you are pretending to be me? Why are you doing that? Am I bad for having a blog where I share Alex Jones videos on Steemit, Twitter, Facebook, Gab, Minds, etc? Is that a bad thing to be sharing Infowars on many different websites? Should I stop trying to share Mark Dice videos? Should I stop sharing Kaitlin Bennett videos? Should I stop talking about how much mercury is inside vaccines?



You were asked nicely to stop ripping up threads. You were asked to stop shitposting. You were asked to stop replying to yourself multiple times within other member’s threads. You were asked to stop using posts with thousands of characters.

You refused…remember???

You said you would never even consider!!!

You…are one sad f**k!!!

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@Leviticus, oh my God, how did you know? I’m female. I’m not a man. The Original Recovering Feminist (TheRecFem) is me. How did you know that I am a woman? Twitter - YouTube Channel - YouTube Video - Survival Blog.



I love this article here.

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Entirely new view of a nation in crisis that holds both liberals and conservatives to account–as rousingly pertinent for Canada as for the disoriented US.

Chris Hedges “American, The Farewell Tour”

If you thought you knew Chris Hedges–be surprised. The globally renowned Pulitzer Prize-winner gives us an entirely new view of a nation in crisis in a stunning book that holds both liberals and conservatives to account–as rousingly pertinent for Canada as for the disoriented US. Beautifully written, it clarifies vividly and unforgettably the forces at play in our times.


Omar Invasion

Video link failed, YouTube video certainly discloses the distinct female voice of presenter. Enjoyed the message, Thank You

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The blog link works, great resource on the website. Thank you




@Memeart - Ten Types of Trolls according to Life Wire are: 1 Insult 2 Debate 3 Grammar 4 Offended 5 Blabber 6 Profanity / All Caps 7 One Word 8 Exaggeration 9 Random 10 Greedy - Doesn’t this mean we are all trolls according to Life Wire?

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Nah, I don’t think so. I think “troll” is used too much and has blurred what a real troll is.

I think the common factor is repetition. If it’s all they do, that takes it to trolling level. Mistaking a post as serious when it’s comedy, or offering a grammar correction happens, but if all you do is go around correcting grammar, that’s trollish.

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@Memeart, yes, agreed, and that’s my point, the same with how the left can call anybody with a brain a racist or whatever. So, like you said, the truth is often the opposite of the inversion of reality that is projected from leftism.

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@Memeart, but to which degree, to what percentage, where do you draw the line, between doing it too much and too little. I feel like I would have to be a troll in order to know for certain who is a troll. In other words, you may have to really study a person’s behavior, what they do and not do in order to determine these things. I correlate a subjective definition to that term, “TROLL,” with other subjective opinions relating to what might be hate speech and spam and racist and other things.


A troll might spam, for example. So, does a bear poop in the forest? Yeah. Does a troll spam on the Internet? Of course. But what is spam? A troll might be racist. So, who determines who is racist? A troll might spit out hate speech. But what is hate speech? I’m trying to say that these things raises more questions than they answer and the more you know, the more you don’t know. What I mostly want to say is that these words can be defined subjectively or objectively. I believe in eternal and universal objectivity. I believe that humans don’t know everything and therefore are stuck in the realm of subjectivity. Therefore, we can debate on subjective and incomplete definitions to all of these terms, all of these words like troll, spam, racism, bigotry, hate speech, terrorism, free speech, etc.



Inforwars has to go out to a Russian news site for a report on the death of an AMERICAN Congressman?? Not saying they have to pull something from MSM but, there are plenty of other AMERICAN sources of news.




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Yeah, I’m all for working peacefully with Russia, but do I trust them?

Hah, no, not one bit. I like reading RT and Sputnik sometimes, but it is what it is. Basically Russian state run media, yep. Like you said, I wouldn’t want to link to a MSM site either, but there had to be a better option besides Sputnik.

That’s my only beef with Drudge. He gives more traffic to MSM than probably anyone else on the internet. It really makes no sense to me why they hate him so much.



LOL, RT (Russia Today) IS state-run and funded, Comrade! :sunglasses:



They operate the RT-America too I bet, don’t they? RT-America has done some great stuff, but I’ve always taken it with a grain of salt.

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