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Let’s Have Fun.

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What kind of opening lines is that?
You just wake up, suffering insomnia, lol lolol
Thought this was a video clip.



A sequel? Don’t follow movies much, although you grab one of the few themes of my indulgence. Lol lolol



Picard Television Show is coming to CBS in the Fall of 2019.

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But the actor that plays Picard may be a bit too SJW NPC.

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But the Picard character was not very NPC 20 years ago on television.

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If not online accessibility likely I won’t be watching. Space odyssey or other realms?



I watch movies and shows online for free. There are many websites for that. Also, Bit Torrent websites and programs. There are many ways to find things online.

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Enjoyed this movie, probably wouldn’t have seen this one if hadn’t been dragged into theater. Funny



I messed around with open source OS 10 yrs or more ago. “Fedora core”.
My programming skills are meager and no mentor for clarity of certain required procedures. I.e. unwrapping zip files.
Accomplished a dual boot Linux with older Windows OS. Forgot the name not actively using that equipment presently.
Not due to bad installation or malfunctions. Lol lolol

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Safe House: Film Review

10:58 AM PST 2/8/2012 by Todd McCarthy

Universal Pictures

A gritty, repetitive extended chase through South Africa with Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds well paired as corrupt CIA op and naïve agency greenhorn.
Swedish director Daniel Espinosa’s action-thriller starring Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds is a two-hour cat-and-mouse game with a few brief breaks to catch its breath.



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