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You stole my thread lol. At least you didn’t steal my name, unlike @joey lol.



Nope, other site always had more than one (maybe as many as three) and the advantage to making your own is the 3 posts limit doesn’t apply.
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Wahmen privilege:

When people throw money at your for your sex more than any actual skills, and you still believe you worked/earned getting paid more than the rest in the place who actually did the hard work.
This is prevalent in all of western society, and happens in every wage slave job. Every wahmen I’ve met has behaved the exact same way.

It’s not ‘fair’ they have to share ‘their’ free money with the people on their team doing the real hard work. And their families do NOT teach them actual humanity.



AOC may be a nutcase, but she is correct about “tip pooling”. Some states don’t even allow it. Personally, I’ve never agreed with it. Severs earn what they get, and if you didn’t do the serving you shouldn’t get a cut.

They have been known to do the same with bartenders tips, then split between all bartenders, not cool. They also can require servers to share a percent with the bartenders. I don’t agree with that either.



I disagree. Ive spent more time in serving environments than most. IN all of them wahmen do not pull the same weight, and ride their sexual privilege all the while complaining at the elbow grease and the dish pigs.

if it wasn’t for the mechanism, there would be no free money to exploit for anyone.
The reason why there is legislated minimum wage lower for servers than the rest of the worker bees is because even the corruption understands how fvcking one sided it is.

My question is, how do you expect truth to win over evil when people run from it?
That’s creating the evil and lavishing in it and then wondering why the world is screwed up?

Look in the mirror.



What are you rambling on about? This is about servers in a restaurant.

I’ve worked in both restaurants and bars years ago, even to being a lead cook at an upscale billiard hall with a full menu and banquet services. I’ve worked with tons of both bartenders, bar backs, servers, and kitchen staff.

What is “wahmen”?

You actually sound like a disgruntled dish washer. Kitchen staff should not get tips from other staff, especially when the staff are getting a full hourly wage and a server typically is not.

Servers are like sales staff working for commissions. They get a small hourly only because part of their job involves situations that they cannot earn a tip from a customer, such as rolling silver, setting tables, etc.

Much of the “non-tip” work is done after customers are gone, so for them to work at those times of a shift, they would be working for less than minimum wage, which is illegal. Some pay their staff full wage for hours worked before opening or after closing but is an accounting pain in the ass. I’d say most don’t pay the difference and servers must do that work for less than $3.00/hour.

If you have a server move their tables, guess what? You just paid them the minimal wage of say $2.30 an hour as a server for work you pay others full hourly wage of say $12.00 an hour cook or dishwasher.

When open for business, those servers can now make effectively an unlimited income, legally, through tips. I’ve seen bartenders make $400 in a 4 hour closing shift in a billiard club. It’s relative when you factor in what shift you work. The kitchen staff are still making $12.00 an hour, while servers or bartenders could be making $100.00 an hour or more.

I’ve seen people give others on the staff tips when it was an appreciation tip, even though they had no job requirements to do so. I’ve received them and gave them. I’ve had customers tip me directly as a cook, and it went straight into my pocket. It’s how it works.



I managed for years a hospitality business that would see upwards to thousands of patrons every few hours, 24/7 year with a compliment of over 100 staff at any given time with as many as 30 - 40 of them working on any given day. And this was just a sliver of my experience in serving and hospitality.

I don’t care about feelings when the truth is distasteful. Using feelings as your opening argument in my view ends that argument.

Lol, comparing hospitality to commission because it feels good is like comparing apples to oranges because their fruit, and complete madness.

For those businesses to operate, you need all the functioning cogs. Servers are just one of those functioning cogs. And still even the corruption identifies with how much free untaxed money servers walk away with that they legislate a lower minimum wage. You know as well as I do most of them don’t even need it to make as much as every other worker cog.
I appreciate that in that particular select field of servers, that some of them do have work to do afterwards, but most of them do not because most of them cannot. They primarily get paid to smile.

This is completely irrelevant. and simply a feelings based argument dodging this:
A vast majority of servers earn more money on their tax free money thrown at them then the ones who doing the rest of the work, without the legislated minimum wage. Running from accepting reality only proves that’s just trying to frame reality to suit feelings.

I believe it, however this example is probably using a fringe extreme example of what might on a lucky day be possible for a male bartender at a lucrative location. this server typically makes nothing for their pretty face. Put a pretty face in the same position and they will very easily eclipse that fringe male bartender example.

Yes, I’ve had people tip me too being a more behind the scenes, clean up crew.

You’re trying to compare fringe rare examples on the male side, with typical status quo on the other and saying it’s even.

I don’t even know how to communicate to people completely disconnected from reality this way and using it in arguments. Wahmen do exactly that all the time (Research the word wahmen, it’s a prominent rising slang term being added to the English language).

“it’s how it works” is an excuse to stay blissfully compliant. Life changes. We don’t live in 1960’s stereotypical server reality anymore.

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Alrighty then. :zipper_mouth_face: