Prison Planet Forum 2007


Prison Planet Forums Dates Back to 2007

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LOL, you just now finding that? Prison Planet forums was around since before 2007. I was a member there for awhile, even got banned and reinstated 3 different times. The mods there were…special, especially “Sane”.

Regardless, there is/was a TON of info there of the NWO, 9/11, MK Ultra, you name it that Alex used to cover.

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I was only able to find screenshots from that forum going back to 2007.



Apparently they took it down finally. Several weeks ago I happen to take a look and it was still up. My last visit they IP banned me back in like 2009 or 2010.

They didn’t like the idea of me telling the mods who were promoting Caesar Chavez as some hero of the people and I told them he was no hero but a socialist dirtbag. They didn’t like that, and boom my third and final ban…and Chavez turned out to be a socialist dirtbag.

Funny how that works!

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Basically, PPF turned into a place where the moderators went out of control psycho on it’s members. From what I remember, PJ Watson was involved there back then, kinda how he got Alex’s attention.

The founding of PPF and who was really running it was a mystery. Unlike InfoComms, the admins and mods were VERY active…too active actually.

The admin “Sane” was a tyrant. He pissed off MANY people and would ban people at the drop of a hat, but for very personally biased reasons.

Some speculated that Sane was in fact PJW.

Ahh, those were the days of the infowars!

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Yeah it was pretty bad there… But still not as bad as the Above Top Secret forums haha



LOL, “Above Top Secret” wow what a place! I remember that one.

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I wonder if Sane and Bingozee are related.



I may try to write articles about the founding of forums like that one.




Here’s a little reading for ya. Might give you something to research. See if you can connect a couple dots that are revealed in those posts. One of the persons who was later made a moderator at PPF posted in that thread…



You know, that would be one hell of a story…the evolution of digital speech in online forums.