Pro sports


We saw what the NFL did and is still doing…
We see what the NBA is doing.

Nothing changes while you keep giving pro-sports the benefit of the doubt because of the false reality the audience craves.

These are supposedly the role models in society yea? They have the resources to make a difference, and all they do is either tow the line, or create some false veneer of professing to be giving back.

The idea of going back to sitting in front of the boobtube and enjoying an honest pro-sports game with your buddies, is only an illusion. We don’t live in innocent times, and the longer those with the most resources get a free pass, the longer the pain ensues.

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Foundations formed by NFL players:

ELIJAH ALEXANDER , RET Tackle Myeloma Foundation
JASON ALLEN, MIA J. Allen AllStars Foundation
WILL ALLEN, TB Will Allen Foundation
REGGIE BERRY, RET Goals for Life Foundation, Inc.
ERIC BEVERLY, RET The Eric Beverly Family Foundation
JORDAN BLACK, JAC Suburban Missionaries Inc.
CHRIS BOBER, RET Chris Bober Building Blocks Foundation
GARY BRACKETT, IND Gary Brackett’s IMPACT Foundation
DREW BREES, NO The Brees Dream Foundation
DERRICK BROOKS, (TB) Derrick Brooks CharitiesBrooks Debartolo Charities
ISAAC BRUCE, SF Isaac Bruce Foundation
DERON CHERRY, RET Deron Cherry Celebrity Golf Tournament
DUSTIN COLQUITT, KC The Colquitt for Kids Foundation
BRODIE CROYLE, KC Brodie Croyle Foundation
DEVARD DARLING, KC As One Foundation
CHRIS DRAFT, STL Chris Draft Family Foundation
WARRICK DUNN, (TB) Warrick Dunn Foundation, Inc.
DONNIE EDWARDS, (KC) Best Defense Foundation
HERM EDWARDS, RET The Herm Edwards Foundation
NORM EVANS, RET Pro Athletes Outreach
LONDON FLETCHER, WAS London’s Bridge Foundation
DRAYTON FLORENCE, BUF The Drayton Florence Foundation
TOM FLORES, RET Tom Flores Youth Foundation
DOUG FLUTIE, RET Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism
DARYL GARDENER, RET Gardener’s Kids Center, Inc.
LA’ROI GLOVER, STL La’Roi Glover Foundation
TONY GONZALEZ, KC Tony Gonzalez Foundation
JACOB GREEN, RET Jaycees Children Center
JARVIS GREEN, NE Jarvis Green Foundation
TRENT GREEN, (STL) Trent Green Family Foundation
CHAD GREENWAY, MIN Chad Greenway Foundation
BRUCE HARPER, RET Heroes & Cool Kids/Brunan, Inc.
JAMES “SHACK” HARRIS & DOUG WILLIAMS, RET Shack Harris & Doug Williams Foundation
EJ HENDERSON, MIN EJ Henderson Youth Foundation
TORRY (STL) & TERRENCE HOLT, (NO) Holt Foundation
MARLIN JACKSON, IND Marlin Jackson Fight for Life Foundation
RUDI JOHNSON, (DET) The Rudi Johnson Foundation
JIM KELLY, RET Hunter’s Hope Foundation
JEFF KEMP, RET Families Northwest
TYRONE KEYS, RET All Sports Community Service, Inc.
KENARD LANG, RET Kenard Lang Foundation
TIM LESTER, RET Tim Lester Cares, Inc
MATT LIGHT, NE The Light Foundation, Inc.
JOHN LYNCH, RET John Lynch Foundation
MARTY LYONS, RET Marty Lyons Foundation
PEYTON MANNING, IND PeyBack Foundation
DAN MARINO, RET Dan Marino Foundation
DEVON MCDONALD, RET Sports World Ministries, Inc.
REGGIE MCKENZIE, RET Reggie McKenzie Foundation, Inc.
TERRENCE METCALF, (CHI) Metcalf-Holden Foundation
NAT MOORE, RET Nat Moore Foundation, Inc.
BRIAN MOORMAN, BUF Punt Foundation
RYAN NECE, (DET) The Ryan Nece Foundation
TERENCE NEWMAN, DAL Terence Newman’s Rising Stars
GIFFORD NIELSEN, RET Won Heart Foundation
ROMAN OBEN, RET Roman Oben at the Champions Fund
CHRISTIAN OKOYE, RET The Christian Okoye Foundation
TERRELL OWENS, BUF Catch a Dream Foundation
ALAN PAGE, RET Page Education Foundation
CHAD PENNINGTON, MIA 1st and 10 Foundation
MIKE PETERSON, ATL The Mike Peterson Foundation
ISIAH ROBERTSON, RET House of Isaiah-Athletes for a Drug Free America
BEN ROETHLISBERGER, PIT The Ben Roethlisberger Foundation
TWAN RUSSELL, RET Russell Life Skills & Reading Foundation, Inc.
JUNIOR SEAU, NE Junior Seau Foundation
TONY SEMPLE, RET Tony Semple Foundation for Hope
WILL SHIELDS, RET Will to Succeed Foundation
MATT STOVER, (BAL) Matt Stover Foundation
JASON TAYLOR, (WAS) Jason Taylor Foundation
GREG TRUITT, RET The Upside Down Foundation
MIKE UTLEY, RET Mike Utley Foundation
KURT WARNER, ARI Kurt Warner First Things First Foundation
BRIAN WATERS, KC Brian Waters 54 Foundation
MADIEU WILLIAMS, MIN Madieu Williams Foundation
ROY WILLIAMS, (DAL) The Roy Williams Safety Net Foundation
GRANT WISTROM, RET Grant Wistrom Foundation
JASON WITTEN, DAL Jason Witten S.C.O.R.E. Foundation
JERRY WUNSCH, RET Wusch Family Foundation
ROYNELL YOUNG, RET Pro-Vision Ministries, Inc.
STEVE YOUNG, RET Forever Young Foundation
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Foundations… so you mean tax exempt havens like the Clinton foundation?

What results have they produced besides wearing the lofty title?
Does that excuse the weapon that pro sports has become?



Yep, ask your accountant how it works. Your tax filing will love you for it.

Notice Gates, Buffett, and the rest keep getting richer the more charitable they are?



NFL, NBA can kiss my ass for selling out to commie Chinese. And why have they done it? MONEY.

They have sold their loyalty to America for money from China.

All the while the team owners get every American in a city, fan or not, to pay for their stadiums and get massive tax breaks.



Yep, just like the Clinton Foundation, the Trump Foundation,and the Heritage Foundation. In fact, the Trump Foundation has had so may problems with misuse of their money that it had to shut down in December.

Apparently, some of the foundations I listed have helped children with chronic or unique illnesses, some have provided money for orphans and foster children, and some have provided funds for sports and education where it might be lacking. If you asked the parents of some of those children, they might say, “Yes, the foundation was a worthy tax-exempt causes.”



I’m pretty sure most if not all foundations misuse their money. Easy to claim justification when you help the few more than the many.

The country isn’t helping itself, but claiming a version of nobility for helping select cases (now, that doesn’t mean they’re all bad, or they aren’t good or noble causes, but helping a select few while the nation crumbles and claiming higher ground seems quite self-defeating.) Also how many more could they help if they consolidated themselves and managed the select few they help better. Betcha there’s a lot of wasted resources going on.

If the nation can\t help the common man, any attempt to help these most dire in need is simply patting oneself on the back while it lasts.

In war time, a general must see to the needs of the whole first then help the special cases if possible.
If an airplane is going down, the adult must save themselves first (oxygen mask) before the children or there’s no one able to save the select few (children).

Maybe sound harsh, but that is the reality.

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Wow, that list is very telling… No doubt a great way to hide tax dollars. Also a great way to fund programs without it getting out much. Reminds me of the time I was learning about the Reece Committee investigations…

@TheIsz The money is most definitely misused in many cases, yep. The Clinton Foundation, Soros’ Open Society Foundation… prime examples right there. They are there to fund Globalism… that’s it really.



I see you replying there too @joeyarnoldvn. It was through your social media that I stumbled across this. Had no idea it existed. Thanks much Sir! :grin:

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Not About The Money

They didn’t do it for money. Same thing with how Disney has been destroying Star Wars. Corporations can make more money simply by listening to their American consumers. First off, most of the money, and most of the value, in the world, derives and accumulates and develops in the United States of America (USA) to some extent, directly, indirectly, potentially, theoretically, practically, generally, long-term speaking, in most cases, in so many ways.

Copying The USA

Second off, in many cases, many people around the world have been seeking after whatever Americans love. So, in so many cases, citizens of so many different countries end up demanding what they see in America.


While living in Vietnam for five years, 2012-2017, for example, I, Oatmeal Joey Arnold, would talk to Vietnamese people about these kinds of things. So, many of them would tell me about how they have family in America who send them products that they then sell in Vietnam. I say that to say that as America does better, other countries do better. I’m talking about smaller businesses in many different nations around the world. I’m talking about how supply and demand can work in theory and also in many cases in actuality, practicality, as Bingozee would put it. Oh, RIP Bingozee. I will miss you, Lovely Bingozee. Yes, corporations have been selling out to other countries. So, many factories, companies, etc, have been leaving America, especially since the 1990’s thanks to NAFTA, TPP, WTO, UN, EU, etc.


Yes, some people may feel like they can make more money in other countries. So, of course, globalists infiltrate governments to make it appear as if it is better to invest in China as opposed to America for example. Short-term speaking, you might be able to make more money simply by complying to the global tyranny. Long-term speaking, it is suicide, etc.


Some of the people, especially closer to the top, do know what they’re doing. It’s not an accident. Alex Jones and others talk about what they’ve been planning for years. It’s not about money for the authoritarians, the control freaks, the globalists, etc. They’re trying to take over the world. They’re trying to do many different things. They like money. But it goes way beyond money for some people. Money wise, you can make more money, long-term, by selling better products as opposed to cheaper products and services. It can be better to focus on local communities and local businesses first.


Yes, some people are mislead to believe that they can make more money by selling their soul(s) to the Devil, to China, to the EU Meme Bans, to political correctness, etc. So, you can still say that it is about the money. That may be true, surface level. But if you dig deeper, it is not JUST about the money but more so about power, control, tyranny, etc.

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Exactly what you said, and more.

Common citizens not knowing about Living Trusts and massive amounts of different related tax shelters are as pointed out believing their favorite idols from Stratosphere levels are great humanitarians filled with philanthropic virtue.

Gifting assets to Foundations and retaining ability to spend profits generated by the those elements have several benefits. One being public image and tax reduction.
Having your cake and eating the darn thing in luxurious surroundings.
Google Living Trusts some of my opinion isn’t facts.
Massive benefits non the less.

Which actually small amounts of family assets shouldn’t hold back the ideas of keeping government hands of your children meager inheritance. Couple of thousands dollars worth of legally structured Trust can keep whole estates out of crappie nonsense Probate Court proceedings and being at mercy of idiot Leftist/Leftovers Judges emotional state of mind.

“Not Always Agreeable Supporter”