Project Veritas & CNN


Alex talking about it now… sounds like they’re about to talk about the CNN dirt. Hoping its some really good shit that actually goes somewhere. Project Veritas does some amazing work, its just sad how rarely it ends in anything really changing.



“Mark Zucker…” LOL, Jeff Zuckerberg, Mark Zucker, whatever! Same difference. :rofl:



Just curious, is Kamala Harris actually Wanda Sykes? :thinking:

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Lol I didn’t even catch that…

She sure sounds a lot like her, that’s for sure. Kamala trying to let the “black” out it sounded like.

I guess I can’t talk… I let the “redneck” out sometimes.

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Update: Alex just said James O’keefe will be on 12cst to talk about it.

Never mind, looks like around 2:30 now. Not surprised they’re having a hard time uploading.


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Project Veritas raises awareness to issues similar to Infowars, Wikileaks, Drudge, etc.

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