#ProjectVeritas Exposes #CNN Part 1 & 2




I put together various clips from #ProjectVeritas released…Very interesting!




I’m glad this finally happened… More needs to be done.

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Man, I’m trying to rep up in another forum and these people are vicious. I saw another person bring up varitas and got attacked. I brought up the possibility of Trump being assassinated based on the date symbolgy and got attacked by the long timers in there and started attacking Alex and how he said Sandy Hook was a hoax and being sued ect…
And this forum, I won’t say the name, is a well established MK Ultra mind control illuminati symbolgy type forum…right up my ally but daaamn, it’s rough out there fellas lol



… Wth are you serious… What forum were you in…?

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One of my favorite websites The Viligent Citizen has a huge forum that I have been lurking in since July and when the comms shut down I started posting in as its all mind control type topics and current events. I use the same NPC handle if you go in there, but be forewarned, if you bring up Alex or Veritas you may be attacked lol
Met a few good people in there but will probably be leaving there very soon no doubt.

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Here is one of the ass ends of of one of the attackers and my response lol



I’m good dude… after what I dealt with while being on the comms here in the real world… I’m not interested. I don’t need anymore suspicious characters following me around and saying some weird shit to me like last time… Already got enough problems as is… You of all people should know what I’m talking about.



They “have it all figured out man”. That’s their problem. So much of this is in areas none of us have any real knowledge of. Speculation is the only way to go with much of it. It could be the way they say it is… but it could also be the way you say it is too.

But no, they just have to be 100% right, which is kinda goofy with some of these topics considering how far down the pyramid we are.

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Always Trumpers attacked me yesterday in some Facebook groups for saying globalists are trying to kill Trump. So, like I said, these people say they like Trump and yet yell at me for telling them things they should already know. I shared my article about what Alex Jones was saying yesterday. They told me that I shouldn’t be saying those kinds of things out loud. Some would say things about praying or about how Trump has it under control. But we don’t know that. Better safe than sorry. What if we are wrong? Today, was banned for a month on Facebook, yet again.



Here’s Part IV of the #ProjectVeritas Exposing #CnnISFakeNews…

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